You can now load PS4 game patches (60FPS, etc…) directly with GoldHEN 2.2.5b7 + GoldHEN Cheats Manager 1.0.0

GoldHEN Cheats Manager 1.0.0 (screenshot from BrutalSam video tutorial)

OrHEN 2.2.5b7 was released a few weeks ago for beta testers (the latest official build is still 2.2.4) and has made its way to the many public servers that host the PS4 9.00 Jailbreak. Yesterday, GoldHEN Cheat Manager has been updated with in-game patches, to take advantage of the “hidden” functionality of GoldHEN 2.25b7 which can apply these patches live, without the need to recreate a pkg file. This feature is based on Illusioneboot’s own plugin to apply patches directly to the eboot.bin file.

GoldHEN Patch Support for PS4 – What is it?

There’s a lot to unpack here, so let’s start with the basics:

Some homebrew developers have specialized in patches for official PS4 games, which may change game behaviorfor example by removing some unnecessary splash screens at startup, or, one of the most popular things these days, trying to run the game at 60 FPS. (Note that there’s often a reason why developers didn’t include a 60fps mode in their game in the first place, 60fps fixes for PS4 games, when done correctly, involve a compromise on another feature).

We have specifically mentioned developer Illusion several times on this blog, for his work on The Last of Usits patches 60 FPS for Uncharted 4, FF7 remake, Ghost of Tsushimaand more recently his patch for remove “online only” saving limitation on GT Sports. Generally, these patches give you more options and sometimes even fix bugs on your PS4 games.

TLoU Remastered Improved Loading Speeds

Patches are different from “cheats” in that they modify the game itself (the eboot) rather than a given save file or variable in memory. The difference is quite subtle to be honest, but until now patching a game has required editing its eboot.bin file and then usually repackaging the game and reinstalling it on the console. Not super difficult, but definitely heavy, especially if you just want to try something.

GoldHEN 2.2.5b7 brings the possibility to apply a given patch directly with the game installed on the console, using a plugin created by Illusion itself. This is where GoldHEN Cheats Manager comes in, giving us a patch database + a GUI to put all these components together, so patching your favorite game is just a matter of question. with a few clicks.

BrutalSam has a great tutorial video that explains it in detail:

GoldHEN and patches: what’s next?

The illusion has announced better integration for its patch plugin in GoldHEN, for days to come, with general plugin support added to GoldHEN. In particular, he says the code will be open source for other developers to develop their own plugins for GoldHEN.

GoldHen Support Plugin + Cheats Manager + Patch: Download and Run

You will need a Jailbroken PS4 to run these tools.

Follow the instructions in the BrutalSam video above to apply the fixes to your games.

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