Xbox now notifies gamers when game download speed is limited


An Xbox update now alerts gamers that install and update download speeds are affected by games currently running in the background.

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Microsoft often works to improve the quality of life for Xbox via big and small improvements. While each of the Big Three has its strengths and weaknesses, Xbox seems to have the idea that this is a user-friendly company with systems and services in place that are of great quality and great value. for its consumers. One of the latest quality of life improvements for the Xbox is telling gamers when download speeds are affected by games running in the background.

Video game files don’t get smaller, in fact the Xbox Series X already has huge video game file sizes. Downloading games big and small can be a bit of a burden. Even an update or patch can take an entire evening, which after a long day at work can ruin plans for a relaxing gaming session. Xbox is looking to improve this download speed with its brand new alert system.

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Xbox now alerts players if there is a background game that is affecting the download speed of an install / download. A message will notify players that the game may affect the speed of the download, so players may want to close it to allow the download to run faster. Of course, the option to play a game while the download is in progress is still there, so players will still be able to multitask if they want to.

This feature is separate from the Xbox Series X | S Quick Resume feature. So while players will want to close the most recently played game to speed up download time, any games stored in Quick Resume can stay put and be accessible instantly. They won’t affect the download speed in any way, which is definitely a good thing.

Microsoft is constantly working on creating user-friendly services and features. When Major Nelson celebrated his 20th birthday at Xbox, he explained that the company always sided with the customer with services, games and products; this is yet another small example of this.

Another far bigger example of consumer friendliness is the ridiculous value of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. The subscription service is something that many Xbox gamers enjoy. There are hundreds of games to choose from, and now with the ability to see if download speeds are affected because a game is open, even more games can be enjoyed.

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