Win10 Action Center now shows download progress of Store app and game

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Windows 10 Creators Update brings many useful changes and improvements, giving users more information about the process of downloading Store apps and games. The latest version of Windows 10 now allows users to check the status of app and game downloads in Action Center.

Microsoft first introduced the online progress bar for notifications with build 15007, allowing application developers to send toast notifications with a progress indicator to show the progress to users. As promised, the Redmond giant has now also brought this capability to downloads from the Windows Store.

Store app and game download progress bar

The new app and game download bar is a very useful tool when downloading large games. Users can easily go to the Action Center and check the download progress from time to time while doing other things.

The new game download bar is part of Microsoft’s strategy to take the Windows gaming experience to a new level. As a reminder, build 15019 concerns the game: the game mode is functional, the integrated Beam streaming is now available, there is a new game section in the settings, 17 additional games have been supported in full screen mode, and more.

However, this release also brings some platform related bugs that will impact the ability to play popular games on Windows PCs. Microsoft confirms that these platform bugs are unrelated to new game features. Dona Sarkar’s team is working hard to find a solution to all of these issues and deploy it as quickly as possible.

What do you think of the new Store apps and games download bar? Is there anything you would change about this?


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