Where to find the Golden Beast Crest Shield in Elden Ring

If you’re looking to build defenses, finding a Greatshield is a must as they offer the most protection in Elden Ring. The Golden Beast Crest Shield is a vital option in this regard. Read on to find out where to find the Golden Beast Crest Shield in Elden Ring.

Where to find Golden Beast Crest Shield in Elden Ring?

The Golden Beast Crest Shield scales primarily in strength for solid defense. It negates 100% of physical damage, but at the expense of mobility.

Large shields tend to weigh a lot in the game. The Golden Beast Crest Shield weighs a little less in comparison but is still enough to reduce your mobility in the game.

You can find the Golden Beast Crest Shield by defeating Grafted Scion, the Elden Ring tutorial boss, in Chapel of Anticipation. However, if you forget or miss, you can always return to the area afterwards to still get the Greatshield. There is a way back from the Four Belfries area east of Liurnia.

How to return to tutorial area in Elden Ring?

If you’re not interested in spending time defeating the game’s first boss, there’s no need to worry. You can always return to the tutorial level afterwards to defeat the boss and get the rewards.

Head to the Four Belfries Grace Site to find a chest with an Imbued Sword Key. Now backtrack and go down the hill with the pillar on your left. Use the key on the door and you’ll find your way back to the Chapel of Anticipation to fight the boss.

How to defeat grafted scion in Elden Ring?

Grafted Scion is the first and tutorial boss of the game. While completely optional, you will eventually need to defeat the boss if you want to use the Golden Beast Crest Shield.

Being a tutorial boss doesn’t mean the fight will be easy. It is a Souls game after all. The grafted scion is dangerous and almost deadly if it catches you at close range. Therefore, keep your distance at all costs.

Also, keep an eye on where you are running or riding. The area has several places where you can fall. It is best to stay in the center to avoid falls and getting stuck in the turns.

The best way to defeat Grated Scion is to attack him from behind. You’ll have to dodge his sword swings to stay behind. Note that you will still need to step back whenever the boss uses its body slam or scream wave attacks. These attacks will take away half of your life in one hit.

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