Warning about Squid Game app installing malware on your phone – remove it NOW

SQUID GAMES fans should check that they haven’t downloaded a scam Android app that could be secretly stealing their money.

The popularity of the Netflix show is said to have seen a rise in Squid game scams as cyber criminals attempt to take advantage of unsuspecting fans.


Squid Game scams have increased due to the popularity of the showCredit: Splash

According to a discovery by an ESET researcher, an application supposed to be for Squid Game wallpapers was installing “Joker” malware on Android devices.

The app was available on the Google Play Store along with hundreds of other apps on the Netflix series.

Searcher Lucas Stefanko reported the issue to Google after catching the app installing malware.

The Joker malware is well known and can allow hackers to sign up for expensive services which they can take advantage of.

Anyone downloading the “Squid Game Wallpaper 4K HD” app would have been the victim of an expensive SMS scam.

Hackers also reportedly used the app to take control of devices.

Google has since removed the app from the Play Store.

However, you should verify your device if you think you downloaded it before deletion.

Researchers believe the app was downloaded at least 5,000 times before Google removed it.

You should always be careful about the apps you download and the permissions you grant to an app.

Researchers have warned to be careful with Squid Game apps in particular as they believe criminals will continue to try to profit from the popular franchise.

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