Touken Ranbu Warriors Confirms Western PC Release; Same date as Switch version

In a bizarre twist, Koei Tecmo and DMM GAMES have announced that Touken Ranbu Warriors western localization will get a PC version via Steam on May 24, the same day as the Nintendo Switch version. A demo version is also currently available to players with five tutorial segments for each of the game’s five playable teams. Players can also transfer this save data from the demo and continue on the full version once the game is released.

This particular version will receive two editions, similar to the Nintendo Switch, which is the base game for $59.99, and a Digital Deluxe Edition for $109.99. The latter will include all DLC content, such as the 5 Honmaru sets, 5 additional music tracks and the 16 Uchiban outfits, which prevent your swords from entering a wounded state.

Touken Ranbu is a handsome Blade Boys multimedia franchise based on historical Blades. They must fight against a group of history revisionists determined to change the past. Protecting her is the mission of the Saniwa as they work for the government of time. In the original strategy game, players summoned these partners through a specific gacha system where they spent currencies such as metals to summon it.

Touken Ranbu Warriors covers an alternate history where Saniwa’s base, Honmaru, is attacked. Amidst the confusion, this leader figure is gone, and only a few blades persevere to continue at this precise moment, waiting for the return of the Saniwa. These characters are divided into five teams, and a new mysterious boy called Omokage is also introduced in the game.

For more details on Touken Ranbu Warriors, check out the gameplay features video, which was shared with the first team trailer. It introduces the specific mechanics of the action game revolving around the relationships between the boys. As groups of two characters, players have a partner who can help with follow-ups and counters, a special Souto mode based on this partner system, and linking events.

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