To restart! The PSP Game Jam 2022, PSP Homebrew contest with $410 in prizes!

If you’re a homebrew developer (or aren’t yet but want to learn!) looking for a cool little contest, or just want to release something cool for the PSP, here’s the PSP Game Jam 2022brought to you by Iridescence and the PSP Homebrew community.

Update: in a previous version of this article, we stated that the price was $175 in total, but it was increased to $410 after the article was published. We have corrected accordingly.

Some of you may recall that they had held such an event before in 2020, and they are back after a hiatus last year. This is a light, light and fun contest, so I encourage everyone to participate, even as a learning experience!

In 2020, the winner of the competition was Bloodshot.

What is PSP Game Jam 2022?

To restart! The 2022 PSP Game Jam is a homebrew competition open to everyone. You will need to create a game for Sony’s portable PlayStation and submit it to the contest between October 7 12:00 PM EST and October 21 12:00 PM EST. The three best entries, judged by the community, will be rewarded $100, $50 and $25 respectively, for a total of $175 in prizes. Prices are now as follows:

  • 1st: $175
  • 2nd: $125
  • 3rd: $75
  • 4th to 10th: $5 each

This year’s theme: It’s not a bug, it’s a feature!

From my point of view, the theme should be an inspiration to get you started, but then it depends on your own interpretation. You could build a platform game, an RPG, a sandbox game, etc… There are already 13 participants so it already looks like a good competition this year 🙂

From the official contest page:

All games should be compiled and ready to play on the Sony PlayStation Portable. If your game works in an emulator, but not in hardware, your entry will be disqualified. You are allowed to submit a cross-platform game. Be sure to use the #test channel on our discord server! You can use any tool to create a game on PSP.

Submissions will be democratically evaluated based on the following criteria:

Theme Membership: Does the submission reflect the stated theme?
Creativity: How unique is a given submission?
Visual/aesthetic quality: Does the game have a consistent and pleasing visual theme?
Soundtrack: Does the game have a good soundtrack (sound effects, music, etc.)?
Clarity: Does the game make it somewhat obvious what you intend to do? (Make sure it’s not confusing for an end user)
Pleasure: Do you personally like this game?

Additional information for attendees:

It would be appreciated if your code is open source and hosted on a service like GitHub or GitLab so others can contribute to your game if they want to pursue your idea. The PSP Homebrew community encourages open source development! Join the discord! We will be setting up a channel for the gamejam soon!

Below are some useful links, tutorials and tools to use:

Tool chain:

PSP Toolchain:
Rust-PSP Toolchain:
Zig-PSP toolchain (zig v0.8.1):
Installing toolchains:


OneLUA (lua):
LuaPlayerPlus (lua):
StacklessPSP (python):
Scratch on the PSP block editor:
Scratch on the PSP interpreter:…


Gen7 engine:…


QuickGame API:


PSP-DEV text tutorials:
PSP-DEV video tutorials:
More video tutorials (including Graphics, Scratch, QuickGame): Iridescence

Iridescence posted an announcement video on its youtube channel to rehash the details available on the contest page:

How to participate to the contest ?

  1. Go to the the contest page on then click “Join JAM”
  2. Check the community discord server for help and details
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