This Destiny 2 feat is not worth the risk

In practice, the min / max feat is extremely easy for PC gamers to perform, rendering its devastating effects in the wrong hands. As JB3 pointed out in their video, just hold down the minimize button for a few seconds while playing the game in windowed mode. The effect disrupts the framerate in the game, duplicating or prolonging the activation effects. This means that deploying the glitch at the right time could generate more orbs or more damage to enemies. At present, attempting the exploit will result in an error code, disconnecting the players and successively painting a target on the backs of repeat offenders.

Over the weekend, JB3’s YouTube tutorial popped up, offering instructions for performing the exploit in-game. Although the issue was supposedly discovered by a group of gamers earlier this year, JB3 returned it. public stating in the description of the video, “I contacted Bungie about this issue in July … It’s been almost 4 months and the issue still exists. DMG won’t respond to my DMs so I thought that I would do this tutorial. ” JB3 also warns at the beginning of the video description that the exploit may cause players to be banned.

However, former JB3 teammate ghustmiller paints a different story. They claim JB3 went over the top of the group and posted the feat as a form of retaliation after Bungie banned JB3 for using the same issue in a competitive match. Whatever the reasons for the JB3 tutorial, fans might want to avoid trying this issue on their own. The punishment definitely outweighs the reward.

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