The Elder Scrolls Online Team Explains What Players Need To Know About Tales Of Tribute

Among the many things added to The Elder Scrolls Online in June’s High Isle update is the new in-game card game, Tales of Tribute. The game is designed to be easy to get started, but for those who want to succeed, it will take some work. And it probably doesn’t hurt if you know what’s going on ahead of time. It’s probably a good thing that the ESO team has released a new blog post explaining the most important things for players to start off on the right foot.

Tales of Tribute revolves around a specific type of deck called “Patron Decks”. There are eight of them, four of which can be unlocked immediately after completing the tutorial. The others will be obtained from quests and achievements related to Tales of Tribute as well as random drops.

Players select two bosses to start a match with, for each boss a player will have 20 cards. Thus, between the two players there will be a total of 80 boss cards, which will be shuffled in the tavern with 20 neutral cards. Yeah. It’s 100 cards. This is the tavern that players will emerge from during gameplay. Bosses themselves can be activated during a match, granting players special benefits. Of course, this will have a cost, of sorts.

The game has two victory mechanics. The first is to collect 40 or more prestige points which are earned through card or boss abilities. This method also requires players to maintain that lead until the opponent’s next turn. Basically, there is a chance for the other side to make a comeback. The second method is to win the favor of all four customers before the end of your turn. It’s an automatic win.

Of course, there’s more to the game than that. In fact, the message mentions cards called agents, combination cards, contract cards, etc. All of these impact the game in different ways. If you are interested in all these background details, do see the post on the Elder Scrolls Online site.

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