The Division Heartland Leak Details Setting, Modes, Classes, etc. – Rumor

Since the announcement of the free spin-off The heart of the division About a year ago, Ubisoft said very little about the game other than delaying it for a few months after it was announced. Now, however, details about the game finally seem to have emerged, thanks to a report posted on Xfire by Tom Henderson.

According to previous leaks, The Heartland Division, unlike the first two entries in the series, will apparently not be set in a big city, but in a small town named Silver Creek – although Henderson still describes it as “a big open world” that will have “plenty of opportunities to find rare objects”. loot”. Random locations on this large map will often become contaminated with Green Poison, the virus-infected gas that destroyed the world in the series’ fiction.

Getting caught in the gas will drop players into a downed state, though you can survive if you’re wearing gas masks – which you’ll need to scavenge and craft filters for. Meanwhile, players can also search the entire map for Strategic Homeland Division (SHD) beacons, which will allow you to call in supplies, buy upgrades, clear contaminated areas, and more.

The central loop of the game, it seems, will consist of going out into Silver Creek, collecting resources, finding loot, and then returning to your base of operations (or BOO), a central hub that has been set up in an abandoned elements. Here players can customize their loadouts, modify their weapons, buy upgrades and gear, sell items, match lobbies, and more.

The BOO will also be where players pick up “Projects,” which Henderson reports are the game’s take on daily and weekly missions, which will provide additional XP and resources. Meanwhile, at base, players will also be able to equip readiness items, which will provide various bonuses during matches, such as the ability to use a specific insert point. Interestingly, it looks like the base will also have an arcade with several Ubisoft games like Driver and For honor, although it is unknown if they will be playable in Heartland.

Speaking of matches, The heart of the division is apparently going to be built around two modes, with the flagship mode being Storm, a PvPvE mode that apparently draws inspiration from Escape from Tarkovtasking players with collecting loot and resources while exploring the map and fighting both player-controlled and AI enemies before returning safely to base.

The second mode is Excursion, which is billed as a PvE tutorial mode that will allow players to explore the map and collect loot at their own pace while battling enemy AI soldiers. These enemies are apparently called “vultures” in-game and come in six different varieties: Flanker, Grunt, Heavy, Sharps, Hooter, and Technician.

Additionally, Henderson also mentions that The heart of the division currently has six playable characters (three male characters and three female characters) to choose from, and while the differences between them are purely cosmetic, players will also have one of three different classics, each with unique perks and expertise. There’s the combat-focused Weapons Expert, the health-focused Medic, and the looting-and-scavenging-focused Survivor.

As to when The heart of the division will launch, that remains to be seen. Ubisoft has stated that it will be released before April 2023, although a specific release date remains unannounced. Henderson states in his report that “extensive” quality assurance testing is underway for the game, suggesting that “a release could be imminent.” Meanwhile, he also mentions that unlike the widely lambasted Ghost Recon frontline, The heart of the division is in solid condition, his development is “progressing well”.

It looks like there might be some official word from Ubisoft on that front soon, so stay tuned for more updates.

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