The Best Pool One Cards in Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap is a fast-paced mobile card game from Second Dinner. Featuring some of your favorite Marvel superheroes and villains, Marvel Snap offers over 150 cards for players to build decks. However, not all cards are available at the start of the game, and like other collectible card games, some are better than others.

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Collection progression is handled a bit differently in Marvel Snap. You cannot buy packs or even individual cards like you can in other digital card games. Instead, as you level up the cards in your collection, you gain collection levels. At different stages, players will earn various rewards, including new cards to use. Although the cards players unlock are mostly random, they are separated into three sections called pools. The first group has 46 unlockable cards for players and among these, these cards are some of the best.


10/10 Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones has been reworked a bit, taking her from a decent high-end card to a versatile mid-range threat. His On Reveal ability triggers on the turn after it’s been played, giving him four extra powers if you don’t play another card there.

Previously, your opponent could easily play around your turn five Jessica Jones and plan how much power boost she would get from her ability. Now that it only costs four energy, you can play around its ability, let it boost, and potentially play more cards in its slot.

9/10 Bishop

While a two-power, three-mana card doesn’t sound great, Bishop’s ability allows him to become an inexpensive powerhouse later in the game.

ishop’s unique power gives him +1 power whenever you play a card anywhere on the board. In a deck with a ton of low-cost cards, Bishop can quickly become one of the strongest cards in play.

8/10 spider woman

Another card that received some changes, increasing its cost from four to five, but also increasing its power from four to seven. Increasing its cost may seem bad at first, but it benefits it when combined with its On Reveal ability .

When Spider-Woman is revealed, she grants all enemy cards -1 power. With a higher energy cost, it gives your opponent more time to fill a slot, giving you the highest payout for Spider-Woman’s ability. Against a full pitch, Spider-Woman can cause an 11-point swing in a pitch.

7/10 scarlet witch

The infamous Scarlet Witch has an interesting role in Marvel Snap. With three powers for two energies, it’s a solid creature but nothing special in terms of statistics. The Scarlet Witch’s true power comes from her On Reveal ability.

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When you play Scarlet Witch at a location, she changes it to a new, random one. If there is a location that benefits your opponent and not you, feel free to change it to something completely different. The new location might not be great either, but it sure will be different.

6/10 Electra

Another card with a powerful On Reveal ability, Elektra has a very specific targeted suppression. When Elektra is revealed, she will destroy a random one-cost card at that location.

Although somewhat situational, your opponent must have a one-cost card in play in order to do anything, this is especially good against Sunspot, Ebony Maw, or disrupting an opponent’s Nova play.

5/10 Angela

Similar to Bishop, Angela starts out small but quickly gains power the more cards you play. Angela is more specific than Bishop, however, gaining +2 power each time you play a card at her location.

With this power, it’s best to play Angela early in an empty slot, to maximize the number of triggers her ability will get from other cards. With a full slot, Angela can easily become a seven-power card for just two energy.

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There is, however, an interesting synergy with cards like Green Goblin and Hobgoblin, two cards that switch to your opponent’s side when revealed. If played to a location where you already have an Angela, it will gain the +2 stat boost when Hobgoblin is revealed, then flip to the other side, freeing that card slot next to you from a location.

4/10 Lady Sif

An absolute must-have in discard-based decks, Lady Sif is a fair four-power, three-mana card. Its real strength comes from its On Reveal ability to discard the costliest card in your hand.

Although it seems like an inconvenience at first, there are several ways to flip these high cost cards to play. Cards like Ghost Rider, Hela, and especially Apocalypse, which gain +4 power and then return to your hand, all benefit from high cost cards sent to the discard pile.

3/10 Somnambulist

A two-power-for-one-mana card might not sound great, but Nightcrawler’s special ability makes it awesome. Once per match, you can move Nightcrawler from place to place, similar to his iconic teleport ability from the comics.

Moving from place to place can free up space to play more cards, especially good for cards like Angela who gains a stat boost when a card enters her slot or when you need a few points extra power to ensure a one-slot win.

2/10 Iron Man

With a unique continuous ability, Iron Man can take a losing location and turn it into an outright victory. Iron Man doubles the power at his location, taking into account any buff cards you already have or might acquire.

Because this ability is always active, cards like Bishop or Jessica Jones, which gain more power over time, gain double power instead. It works both ways, though, with cards like Spider-Woman afflicting -2 power instead of just -1. Despite this downside, Iron Man is an incredibly powerful card that can quickly secure a victory.

1/10 America Chávez

For players looking for consistent turn six play, America Chavez is probably Marvel Snap’s most reliable card.

America Chavez’s special ability guarantees that you’ll shoot her on turn six, and never before. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t access it before then. Thanks to Jubilee, which plays the top card of your library when revealed, players can trick America Chavez into play for a whopping nine of extra power. Even without Jubilee, nine powers on turn six is ​​often enough to guarantee a location win.

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