The best online games for couples

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There’s nothing like kicking back and playing a video game with your favorite person in the world. Whether you’re in a long distance relationship or you and your partner just want to have a quiet night at home, online games are a fun way to have fun and bond as a couple. Playing games together encourages communication, as you and your partner discuss strategy and how to beat opponents online. Considering the large number of games online, going through them all might seem impossible. So we’ve compiled this list of games to help you find the perfect game for your next date night.

Play casino games

Online casino games are a relaxing and fun way to spend time as a couple. From table games like blackjack, baccarat and poker to themed slots, online casinos like LeoVegas New Zealand offer something for just about every couple. With so many games to choose from, these games will keep you entertained for hours. Moreover, you can also engage in healthy competition. And one of the best things about playing your favorite online casino games is that you can do it from the comfort of your own sofa – together.

Stardew Valley

Although it can be fun to watch once in a while embarrassing celebrity public disasters, you’ll probably have a better time playing Stardew Valley with your partner. When you play this farm simulator with your partner, you embark on an adventure that requires teamwork to build your shared farm. This game encourages couples to work together as they explore activities to build a successful farm, foster good relationships with other villages, and explore the world around them.

When cultivating with your partner, you can split tasks to complete tasks faster. For example, you can go to the mine to look for gems while your partner waters the crops and sells them at the market. You can also pair up and perform tasks simultaneously. Stardew Valley also hosts annual events that you can complete together, including the Easter Egg Hunt, Night Market, and annual Farm Stand Show. Depending on how well you work together, you could win a special prize at these events.

Overcooked! 2

If you have played original version of Overcooked!, you will like the sequel as much, maybe more. If you’ve never played this video game, you’re in for a treat. It’s a great game to start with if it’s your first time playing a video game as a couple. The addictive game is sure to keep you both coming back for more, giving you additional opportunities to bond as a couple. While the original

Overcooked! was a cooperative game, which meant you had to be in the same room and play on the same device as your partner. Overcooked! 2 has an online co-op mode, so you can play together whether you’re in the same room across the ocean. You and your partner will have to cooperate and discuss strategies to succeed in this cooking simulation game with ever-changing cooking tasks.

Super Mario Party

Super Mario Party for Nintendo Switch is a crowd favorite and one of the best online games for couples. If you like board games, you will love the exciting gameplay of this Super Mario Party. As with all Mario games, your ultimate goal is to defeat Bowser. However, along the way, you can search for the collection of stars and play mini-games. The Nintendo Switch version of Super Mario is the first with multiplayer mode. You and your partner can spend countless hours playing mini-games together, even if you’re hundreds of miles apart.

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