The activities of Chinese and foreign inmates who participate in online games are not related to POGO

The Philippine Amusement and Games Corporation (PAGCOR) said on Thursday that the recently arrested Chinese and foreign nationals were charged with involvement in illegal online gambling unrelated to gambling activities. Legal Offshore Play (POGO) des Philippines.

“The agency emphasizes that any individual, group or entity that conducts online gambling without PAGCOR authorization will not be classified as POGO.”

The Philippine government plans to deport at least 2,000 POGO workers in October as part of a crackdown on undocumented foreign workers after POGO companies terminated their permits.

The Department of Justice estimates that there are around 40,000 POGO workers left in the country, although the operating licenses of 175 POGO companies have been terminated.

PAGCOR records show there are 120,976 POGO workers across the country in 2020.

“In light of the recent arrests of other Chinese and foreign nationals accused of involvement in illegal online gambling, Philippine Gaming and Entertainment Corporation wishes to clarify that the activities of these individuals have nothing to do with legitimate POGOs,” PAGCOR said.

Out of 120,976 identified POGO foreign workers, 69,613 are Chinese, 3,000 Vietnamese, 2,400 Indonesian, 1,700 Taiwanese, 1,200 Malay, with the rest from 44 other countries.

For his part, PAGCOR President and CEO Alejandro Tengco said POGO’s operations “are strictly monitored by the regulator and any gaming organization that does not pass the gaming license application process at the overseas and fails to meet documentation and financial requirements are, among other things, not labeled as legal offshore gambling operators or POGO.

Tengco added that PAGCOR works closely with various agencies such as the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG), Department of Justice (DOJ), Philippine National Police (PNP) and National Bureau of Investigations. . (NBI) to identify illegal overseas gambling and prevent kidnapping and human trafficking. PAGCOR says it currently has 34 licensed POGO operators, 127 accredited service providers and five outstanding business process contractors who have passed authenticity checks. The regulator said: “Employees of customer relationship service providers, game software platform providers and live and streaming studio providers must have an overseas game recruitment license and must now obtain permission from the police.

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  • The activities of Chinese and foreign inmates who participate in online games are not related to POGO
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