Sony PS5 Vs PS4 Pro – Game Download Speed ​​Test


The Sony PlayStation 5 is a next-gen gaming console from Sony and it obviously comes with better hardware. While waiting for this device to reach the hands of users, there have been a few comparisons. Of course, it defeats the point if the previous generation is better than the new generation. In terms of game loading speed, the Sony PS5 is much faster than its predecessor. What about the download speed of the game? Any difference?

Recently, USgamer performed a game download speed test between Sony PS5 and Sony PS4 Pro. For accurate results, both consoles were connected to the same router via a LAN cable. Internet details are Verizon FIOS Internet – 756 Mbps down, 939 Mbps upstream. The game download test takes into account the time it takes for a game to fully install and be playable.

USgamer used two games for the test. He considers one of the games to be “small” while the other is “medium in size”. For small game he used Disgaea 5 which weighs 6.58 GB. However, for medium sized game, he used The Fist of the Pole Star: Paradise Lost which weighs 36.6 GB. Let’s see the results of the two games

Disgaea 5 (6.58 GB)

  • PlayStation 4 Pro – Download time is 10 minutes 42 seconds
  • PlayStation 5 – Download time is 1 minute 58 seconds

It takes about 1 minute to transfer the game to an external hard drive for it to run on both systems.

Fist of the North Star: Paradise Lost (36.6 GB)

  • PlayStation 4 Pro – Download time is 58 minutes 34 seconds
  • PlayStation 5 – Download time is 7 minutes 1 second

It can be seen that there is a significant difference in the download time between the Ps4 Pro and the Sony PS5. For the mid-sized game, it went from almost an hour to less than ten minutes. It’s an incredible drop in download time.

Of course, the PS4 Pro is faster than Sony’s PlayStation 4 in terms of download speed. So there is an interesting and massive improvement over the Sony PS5 in terms of download speed. This is the time when people with 5G networks will see the benefits of fast internet. Of course, those with fast 4G LTE will also benefit from fast downloads. However, many people with a slow internet connection will have to wait a long time to download a single game.

What do you think about the download speed of the Sony PS5 game? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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