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Golf is one of those hobbies that divide opinions. If you love it, and many do, you won’t consider it an elitist sport. However, if you hate it, you’ll think it’s expensive, high class, and a waste of time. Still, no matter your opinion, you’re bound to love crazy golf. This odd combination of fun and competition is enjoyed by friends and family and breaks normal sporting rules. As a result, players can enjoy a similar trend when encountering Cursed at golf.

Developped by Chuhai and published by Thundering games, it’s an ironic sports title. Moreover, it includes adventure elements, fun but crazy narrator and lots of unusual gameplay. Along with that, this is a single-player endeavor, so you’ll be focusing on the story and its later elements.

Hit that idol or it’s game over.

Cursed at golf is a slow burner.

My first 30 minutes were of an impatient breath. Such is the length of the explanation and multiple minor tutorials. Now my petulance was unnecessary as the developers did a great job with their tutorial. Combining the lighthearted story with a jovial but intimidating test was a stroke of genius. Yes, you’ll want to hop on and play, but I implore you to enjoy the opening gambit.

Indeed, the opening section features the single crochet of Cursed at golf. You control a champion golfer who is struck by lightning on the tournament winning shot. Eternal fame and glory was in sight and then bam, you die! However, this is not the end and you have unfinished business to attend to. Instead of passing, you are cursed to live in golf purgatory. Accompanied by the Scotsman and a handful of whimsical and cheeky bosses, you must survive 18 holes of the cursed course. If you can, you will ascend and return to Earth.

This is Cursed at golf in a word. It has a silly story with goofy characters and a straightforward approach. However, things are rarely as simple as they seem. Therefore, completing your task is not a walk in the park. Moreover, it will take cunning, skill and luck to get out of this golf quagmire.

Simple to learn, but difficult to master.

On the surface, Cursed at golf is easy to understand. Yet its multiple layers ensure that it is difficult to master. There are 70 courses to explore, an array of approaches to take, and Ace cards to purchase and use. These things all work together while your life hangs in the balance. See, each round of action lasts as long as you have shots on your normal meter. If you don’t, the game is over and the rogue-lite items come into play.

It was brutal, because the learning curve tends to favor failure. As such, you’ll need some mental resolve to keep plugging in. But, if you go the distance, you’ll enjoy a rewarding experience and character progression. Therefore, things are looking up, even if it seems unfair at first.

Enter the shop and stock up on Ace cards.
Buy Ace cards and beat each level.

Ace cards, idols and multiple lanes.

The odds may be stacked against you, but there are a few tricks to leveling the playing field. The first of these is the silver and gold idols. These statues increase your hit count and improve your chances of survival. Now, hitting one isn’t always easy, as you may have to move away from the hole to find them. Therefore, you need to weigh the risk against the reward.

This philosophy haunts Cursed at golf all the way. It’s no more obvious than when you go through each hole. You can play it safe, but it will take more hits. Alternatively, you can blast TNT, jump into a teleporter, or use turbines to take shortcuts. These items are risky, but the rewards are huge.

If you are risk averse, you can use the last trick up your sleeve to increase your luck. The 20 Ace cards offered help you cheat on the course. Whether you increase your shot count, destroy TNT, slow down time, turn your bullet into a rocket, and more, it’s a game-changer. Therefore, this is where the fun happens! Can you take multiple risks and break the rules to beat the cap?

Cursed at golf is well pixelated.

Although I enjoyed a lot of crazy mechanics, I found the set design fascinating. With so many courses and multiple routes, you’ll never tire of the action. Plus, the bright colors and pixelated style were pleasing to the eye. There is also an option to customize your golfer, which adds fun and style to the mix. Along with that, I was impressed with the clean user interface. Thereafter everything was easy to follow and navigating the course was a breeze.

Golf games and music rarely go together. However, Cursed at golf has a lovely folksy soundtrack that captures the whimsical nuances. On top of that, the characters have unique sound effects that add to the personality of the game.

The route you choose will influence your chances of winning.
Choose your route and hope for the best.

The excellent controls enhance the gameplay.

It would have been easy to complicate things too much. But fortunately, Cursed at golf keep things simple. With 3 clubs to choose from and a basic swing mechanic, hitting the ball has never been easier. Still, things get interesting when the “spin” mechanism is added. Take full control of the action as you manipulate the ball to miss bunkers, water and cursed graves.

What was also amazing was the progression of the adventure. By choosing your path, you have selected the course of each round. Each node relates to an event and these include an array of results. You can enter the shop, find Ace cards or money, make a hole, tackle a cursed course or face a boss. The last two options add pizzazz and drama to the game while increasing replay value and longevity.

Cursed Towers were much more difficult than normal but rewarded you with a deck of Ace cards. These become essential in the later stages, so a risky gamble is worth it. Boss encounters are enjoyable but will test your mettle and patience. Whichever route you take, you’ll enjoy a unique game every time.

Cursed at golf: the perfect mix of genres.

However Cursed at golf starts out slow and it’s weird as hell, it’s the perfect mix of genres. Its mix of risk, reward, and amazing commentary is enjoyable, infuriating, and challenging. It is for these reasons that I recommend you to buy it here! Can you escape purgatory? Use your skills and perks and defeat the cursed system.

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