PUBG: How to perform AI training drills

so you want to play PUBG but are forced to complete the AI ​​training drills first. With all the new players thanks to PUBG going free, it’s something everyone will have to do. Here’s how to complete the AI ​​training drills in PUBG in order to get into real action.

Unfortunately, the tutorial levels cannot be skipped. And that goes for new players and old players alike. Although it can be extremely frustrating, it can’t be bad to get rid of a few cobwebs. While you’re at it, check out our other guides like how to emote in-game or how to use Spider-Man Web Shooters. We have tons of PUBG guides that are useful for everyone, so check them out.


AI Training Exercises in PUBG

After completing the Basic Training Tutorial, players will be required to complete 4 AI Training Drills or 10 AI Matches. If you want to be done with the AI ​​tutorial, the quickest option is to complete the exercises. Here’s how to do just that.

AI Matches will be the only mode available after Basic Training, so you’ll need to start it. You can easily kill yourself quickly 10 times to reach the required 10 AI matches, but where’s the fun in that? Moreover, the 4 AI training exercises are not that difficult.

The 4 AI training drills you will need to complete in an AI match are:

  • Win a Chicken Dinner (meaning you should get 1st place in an AI Match)
  • Get 5 eliminations in total
  • Collect 1 item in total from Care Packages
  • Drive vehicles at 2000 m. in total

These 4 objectives can be completed in 1 to 3 games. PUBG AI is not that brilliant so killing them even as a beginner is not difficult. You’ll get your 5 kills pretty quickly. And after killing all those victims, it won’t be hard to win a chicken dinner either. Just be sure to watch and follow the closing circle.

To loot 1 total item from a care package, look for planes dropping cargo. These will appear randomly on the map, but you will be able to hear and see them. Once the cargo lands, collect the Care Pack and you’ll get some great gear.

Find a vehicle to complete the 2000m journey. challenge isn’t too difficult either. Vehicles can be found all over the map, but especially near buildings and towns.

And just like that, you have completed all 4 AI training drills in PUBG. It wasn’t that bad. You now have full access to all game modes. Have fun and win a chicken dinner!

PUBG: Battlegrounds is available now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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