Pokemon Legends Arceus Trailers Show We’re Into Another Easy Pokemon Game

I strongly believe that Pokemon games are kinda easy. Of course, if they were hard on Kaizo level (or even Cynthia level of Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl), it wouldn’t be fun, but it’s basically impossible to replay Sun & Moon because 25% of the game is tutorial . There’s a balance to be struck, and if I’m being honest, it hasn’t been since Black & White with its additional difficulty options.

Unfortunately, despite its innovation and Breath of the Wild influences, recent trailers show that Pokemon Legends: Arceus may continue this trend. How do we know this from a handful of trailers that are mostly about exploration and crafting? We look at the stats we’ve seen.


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Take a look at the Drifblim featured in the Arceus September 2021 trailer. Thanks to the trailer showing off the box system, we get a good look at his stats, which all look pretty normal. It’s a fast glass cannon like the Drifblim we know and love, but what does that HP stat say? And what are those numbers next to the statistics?

Pokemon Legends Arceus Trailers Show We're Into Another Easy Pokemon Game

However, when you think about it further, it’s not just the HP stat that’s inflated – they’re all way too high for a level 32 Drifblim. HP is the worst offender as this Legends: Arceus Drifblim is close to 100 points more health than in any previous game, but his attack is 14, his special attack and his speed are 14, 19 and 21 points too high respectively. Its defenses are also slightly improved, but to a lesser extent.

It’s important to point out that for this test I used a Drifblim which has perfect IVs and max EVs in every stat, even though it’s impossible in reality. A positive nature in any attribute other than Special Defense also does not exceed the new totals.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Trailers Show We're Into Another Easy Pokemon Game

It’s not just a buff for Drifblim, though. This week’s extended gameplay trailer showed Cyndaquil and Shinx’s stats at levels seven and six respectively; all have roughly tripled. What does that mean?

Well, if all Pokemon have been buffed, it might not matter as much as we originally thought. If your Cyndaquil’s stats have tripled but also the Frenzied Ursaring’s or Noble Kleavor’s stats have tripled, then there’s no problem, right? But then I can’t help but ask, what’s the point of polishing all?

I believe the answer lies in these Steam Wooden Pokeballs. No, not that one, it’s a Voltorb! When you catch a Pokémon, it must receive some sort of boost, explained in terms of lore by the fact that very few people actually catch Pokémon in the Hisui region. So a captured Pokemon is more powerful than a wild Pokemon – you’re only the first to realize that. I think there’s something about the little numbers to the right of the stats as well – these probably override EVs and allow you to train specific stats more than others, just in a less seamless way than before .


It’s also worth mentioning that Drifblim’s stats are less boosted than Cyndaquil and Shinx. Maybe this is all just a leveling or balancing mechanic, to allow lower level Pokemon to train faster and join your party? Or did the trainer in the trailer just catch a particularly shitty Drifblim?

Game Freak has kept a lot of things about Pokemon Legends: Arceus a secret, which I think is a good decision and has helped boost my enthusiasm for the game. But I want some answers on this. Stats are barely changed between Pokemon generations; sometimes new abilities or even strikes are added, but Arceus promises changes on an unprecedented scale. I just hope I can’t go through the whole game and punch God in the face with a level seven Cyndaquil.

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