Play without consequences – Free online games are important in 2022

One of the biggest difficulties when starting to investigate the online casino industry is how most of these sites require real money deposits before you can try out the different games and tables. Luckily, a few sites actually allow you to play various games for free using virtual currency. Sites that require no deposit to play are usually the best option for those looking to explore the world of online gaming.

According to Forbes, the rise of online casinos will continue to grow both in the UK and around the world, including the US. Quoting from a Forbes article on the rise of IGaming and online casino, a British expert said: “The current rate of expansion of regulated sports betting in the United States supports the idea that there is both an audience and a financial incentive for states to adopt the practice.

Sports betting operates with much lower margins, and lawmakers are quick to realize that taxable revenue from virtual casinos could dwarf that of sports betting markets.

But with online casinos becoming legal around the world, getting a free trial with no strings attached is a major bonus for many. Trusting a site inexplicably without trying the service is a daunting proposition for anyone. Having the ability to play something for free, using virtual currency, is amazing.

This concept would also not be new in the online gambling space. For years, video game companies have released demos of their games for players to try out before depositing their hard-earned cash.

With game prices around the world steadily rising, it’s great to see so many companies investing enough in themselves to offer a demo. Nintendo is starting to lead the charge in this space, although it’s unfortunate that so many of their demos are stuck behind the subscription paywall.

But demos have actually been locked behind paywalls for years. Let’s go back to the original Xbox days. I was one of many subscribers to the official Xbox magazine, which came with a demo disc every month. And those demo discs were amazing and a big reason we subscribed to the service in the first place.


We were able to try games like Mech Assault, Destroy all Humans, or the latest Need for Speed. Getting this demo in the mail every month was amazing, and we lived for it by popping the disc in for a free trial. As a young kid, it was great to try something out before I used my allowance to buy it.

And that’s the world we live in now. Trials for this, and trials for that. I noticed this while looking for video editing software. So many companies are now offering free software for your use without any features being held back. The only thing that will make you think twice is that the exported videos may have a watermark in the corner. It’s after you’ve tried the software, used all the amazing features, and produced a great video, that you have the option to either pay for what you just used or accept a watermark on the video. It’s huge.

Living in 2022 is more expensive than ever, with many countries experiencing record inflation. Even increases in the cost of living are not enough, as the increase in prices of daily consumer goods continues to soar. Every dollar counts in 2022, even for those used to enjoying a little more in their pockets. Now everything has to be accounted for. According to Statistics Canada (StatsCan), year-over-year inflation in Canada is up 5.7%, which is much more than the general salary of 1-2% of the cost of living that many generally see, and many others do not! In the UK, inflation in February 2022 was up 6.2%, up half a percent more than in January 2022 according to Trading Economics.

But let’s not pretend that free online games are unique to 2022. When the Apple App Store and Google Play Store were first launched with the release of the first Apple and Android mobile phones, the majority of apps of the store were premium experiences. I remember buying a copy of Angry Birds for 4.99, which at the time felt like a bargain for a game with tons of levels. Today, Angry Birds is free to play, but has ads and in-game purchase options. So, although free, Angry Birds gives you a different way, by requiring you to watch 30-second ads between a few levels. .

And this trend has been around for nearly a decade. While some games remain free with no ads or interference – The Simpsons Tapped Out comes to mind here – they still try to woo you with time-limited events and items that, if you miss them, disappear forever. Still, they understand the value of a free game, and if you choose to spend a few bucks here and there, they’re okay with that, too. And that’s ultimately the goal, because no company would survive by offering free experiences.


And so we come back to the loop of online casinos, which are starting to take off in countries around the world. The COVID-19 pandemic has proven one thing: we all want the experience we use to be available from the comfort of our homes. We’ve become so used to being home, working from home, playing from home, and more. Those who used to gamble regularly at local casinos are now looking for online options, and there are plenty.

But it’s the free sites, with no deposit required, that will ultimately get the bulk of the customers. Of course, some will stick to the free options and only ever use virtual currency. But others will be drawn to the concept of making money. And because they’ve had the chance to try out the games in a free and safe environment, they’re ready to branch out and try something else, like using real money.

Although I would never suggest anyone gamble their money, we do suggest trying some free options. They are like demos for real gambling and will give you an idea of ​​which website you could invest in. Prevention is always better than cure, and as we explained, the pandemic has caused even the middle class to lose money. . How you spend your money and where you choose to spend it should be well thought out.

You can’t risk investing your money in the wrong place. So if a place offers a free play option with virtual currency, take advantage of it. That might be all you need to satisfy your urge to gamble, but if not, at least you know who you’ll be sleeping with in the future.

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