New Halo Infinite Forge details revealed

343 Industries reveals more details about Infinite HaloThe beta version of Forge mode. The upcoming mode will allow the player to create and share custom multiplayer maps once the beta launches on November 8.

Bungie introduced the Forge map editor to Halo 3, allowing players to fly as a Monitor robot positioning objects, weapons, and vehicles for multiplayer maps. Subsequent Halo added and improved games on the system. However, it was one of the many features not included in Infinite Haloinitial launch. And while the developers announced Infinite‘s Forge a while back, fans still had a lot of questions regarding the upcoming beta.


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343 asked Halo fans to submit their questions on Twitter. The studio has collected them in an FAQ posted on Halo Waypoint, with answers provided by Forge lead developer Michael “Forge Lord” Schorr. 343 also provided a set of four YouTube tutorials covering basic concepts like building, scripting and bots, lighting and audio, and file sharing. Moreover, the Waypoint post clarified that while the studio considers Infinite HaloForge mode is a beta, it launches with “huge features” and will be available to all players. Forge, and the player’s forge creations, will also be here to stay once 343 Industries adds Forge to Infinite Halo next week.

The FAQ revealed several details, such as how 343 hopes to eventually start including popular community-created content in matchmaking. However, the custom game browser will not arrive until Infinite HaloSeason 3 of will launch on March 7. Until then, players can find and mark Custom Modes through the Content Browser.

The studio is also open to possibly integrating some of Infinite Haloforge cards in the Halo Championship Seriesas he did with some Halo 5 Forge cards. However, this can only happen after 343 Industries has had the opportunity to assess Infinitemaps created by players and coordinate them with their creators. However, the team is already planning to introduce the remake of Argyle and the Forge-built Pit to the HCS lineup.

The FAQ also touched on what 343 means by calling Forge a beta. Schorr explained that the mode will be fully functional when it launches on November 8 and will feature more content than any previous Forge release. However, there are still a few additional enhancements and features that developers want to implement before considering Forge full. Schorr did not say how long Infinite HaloForge Mode will remain in beta, but said planned features include the ability to change developer maps, audio improvements, and new content.

The FAQ also revealed that Infinite Halo will not feature any in-game Forge tutorials. However, 343 players can turn to the Forge Fundamentals video series for assistance. They can also find more information in the full FAQ at Halo Waypoint.

Infinite Halo is available on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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Source: Halo Waypoint

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