Muv-Luv Alternative Reveals New Character and Mecha Art; The Mikhail project receives a comprehensive update


Publisher aNCHOR has had some relevant reveals for the current and upcoming Muv-Luv games Immortals and Project Mikhail.

Publisher aNCHOR has had some relevant reveals for current and upcoming Muv-Luv games.

We start with Project Mikhail: A Muv-Luv War Story. It has received a significant update which quite drastically changes the way the game plays.

You can find the patch notes at the bottom of the post.

Next, we take a look at new character and mecha art for Immortals: Muv-Luv Alternative, featuring Chizuru Sakaki, Miki Tamase, Kei Ayamine, and Marimo Jinguuji, above a TSF Shiranui Type- 94-1C.

You can check them all below.

Immortals: Alternative Muv-Luv is a mobile game for iOS and Android that will be released in Japan in February. You can check out the latest gameplay trailer.

Mikhail Project: A War Story Muv-Luv is currently available via Steam Early Access and will be released on Nintendo Switch at the end of the early access phase. You can also check out the launch trailer.

If you are interested in the Muv-Luv series in general, you should definitely read our recent interview with production manager Sho Hamanaga and brand producer Kazutoshi “Tororo” Matsumura, in which they talked about plans for the rest of the franchise. Among them, we hear that they are “working hard” to make Immortals: Muv-Luv Alternative available in the west as well.

At the last event, we saw new trailers for the new Muv-Luv Integrate and Muv-Luv Resonative games and a preview of the upcoming Project Mikhail: A Muv-Luv War Story update, new images for Muv-Luv Resonative and the reveal of Duty Lost Arcadia.

If you’re unfamiliar with Muv-Luv games, you can read my in-depth article explaining everything you need to know to get into one of the best visual novel series of all time.

Project Mikhail: A Muv-Luv War Story Patch Notes

◆ Target lock mode can now be disabled (free movement)

  • Turning [OFF] target lock mode allows aiming. You can point the camera in the direction of the target or shoot in the direction you want.
  • * Target lock mode [ON] is the same behavior as before.
  • Switching the target lock mode of [OFF] at [ON] will target the enemy closest to the targeting reticle.
  • *By default target lock can be enabled [ON]/[OFF] using the “Y” key on the keyboard, the “scroll wheel button” on the mouse and “R3” on the gamepad.
  • By default, target lock mode switching is toggled each time the button/key is pressed, but you can enable [ON] (Where [OFF] lock the target only by holding down the button/key by setting “Settings” > “Control settings” > “Latch mode active only when input is active” for [ON]
  • Target lock mode is set to [ON] at the start of the battle by default. You can change this setting by going to “Settings” > “Control Settings” > “Target Lock at Battle Start”.

◆ Implemented low-speed movement.

  • Slow-speed movement allows you to move while preserving your vernier. You can also shoot while moving at low speed.
  • By default, low-speed moves can be performed by holding “Shift” on the keyboard or “B button” on the gamepad (or “R1” for type B).
  • You can change the behavior to “Low speed motion with motion input, boost with input/Low speed + motion input” by setting “Settings” > “Control settings” > “Low speed when Boost / Low speed input is active” at [OFF].

◆ Changed default combat control settings for gamepads.

  • Target filter = Menu button (for both types A/B).
  • Switch Target Filter (Back) = X Button + Left Stick Up (Type A) / Left Trigger + Right Stick Up (Type B).
  • Change target filter (Next) = X button + left stick down (type A) / left trigger + right stick down (type B).
  • Switch Target Filter (Closest) = X Button + Left Stick Button (Type A) / Left Trigger + Right Stick Button (Type B).
  • Style Switch (Next) = Left Trigger + Left Bumper (Type B only).

◆ Default assignments for mouse buttons for “Battle Keybindings”.

  • Weapon switching is now assigned to mouse wheel up/down.
  • Attack (Primary Weapon 2) and Attack (Sub Weapon 2) changed from Shift+Right/Left Click to Alt+Right/Left Click to avoid conflict with low speed movement.
  • “Settings” > “Control Settings” > “Attack with left and right mouse clicks” removed.

◆ “Settings” > “Control Settings” > “High-speed target switching when target is destroyed” has been implemented.

◆Resolution and Fullscreen in Settings > Basic Settings are merged into Window Size, and Fullscreen can be selected from the drop-down menu.

◆ Steam controller support.

  • If you are using a DirectInput controller and experiencing issues, please enable controller support feature to resolve the issue.

◆ On-screen guides will now show buttons for non-Xbox controllers.

  • You can change the symbols that display by enabling support for various settings in the controller settings in Steam. Unsupported controllers will continue to be displayed with Xbox icons.

◆ Adjusted jump/dive action cancel to be more powerful and usable.

◆Implemented filter settings for mass select function on sell and dismantle screens.

  • You can now specify rarity, level, generation, doctrine and weapon type from the button next to “Select multiple”.

◆ A warning message will now be displayed when “Epic” or “Legendary” parts and weapons are included for sale or dismantling.
◆The sort function now uses a list.

◆ Story Mode: Added “low speed movement” and “target lock mode” to combat tutorial.
* We will add more content to the “Game Guide” at a later date.
◆ Story Mode: Implement simulators that allow you to battle specific BETAs.

  • From the start you can fight [Grappler], [Destroyer]and [Tank] Classes,
    As the story progresses [Fort], [Laser]and [Heavy Laser] classes will also be added.

◆ Frontier Mode: Set mission grace time for key missions except “Operation Cherry Blossom”.
*This does not apply to missions already in progress.

◆[Bug Fix]

  • Fixed a bug where the camera would stay low when targeting a small BETA, making it difficult to see the BETA.
  • Fixed an issue that occurred when approaching a target while shooting. When overshooting your target, you were now shooting in the wrong direction. This will no longer happen.
  • Fixed an issue where the effect value of a property would sometimes exceed the maximum value.
  • Fixed a bug where the Gekishin’s model number was listed as “Type-94” instead of “Type-77” in the item details screen.
  • Story Mode: Fixed an issue where the game would force close in rare cases during Prologue III.
  • Story Mode: Fixed an issue where the main screen background would disappear when a mission was looping.
  • Frontier Mode: Fixed an issue where some missions would not complete even if all BETAs were destroyed.
  • Frontier Mode: Fixed an issue where a “server connection error” would occur when accessing the home screen.
  • PvP Mode: Fixed an issue where the camera would only show the target when the “Mad Butterfly” skill failed to hit the target.
  • PvP Mode: Fixed an issue where using a skill in the air would sometimes trigger a different skill.
  • PvP Mode: Fixed a bug that prevented players from performing combos when using the secondary weapon slash in the air with the “Dual Blade Style”.
  • PvP Mode: Competitive Mode: Fixed an issue where firing in stages would cause the character to take two steps.
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