MPL game app: play games and win every day

MPL App Download: Mobile Premier League or MPL is India’s largest electronic sports and mobile gaming platform. The gaming platform offers you more than sixty games of different genres.

Downloading the MPL application

These genres include fantasy sports, card games, arcade games, puzzle games, action games, etc. There are a lot of games that players can play and earn real money. Some of the games are Rummy, Poker, Chess, Ludo, Carrom to Football, Cricket & Kabaddi and PUBG. The gaming platform also allows gamers to play with their friends. Earning high scores on the game can put players at the top of the leaderboards. Players can also participate in daily tournaments and other gaming contests to earn daily cash.

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Downloading the MPL game app

The MPL Game app can be downloaded by anyone. Follow these steps mentioned below to download the game and play:

1 Open the Mobile Premier League Game website.

2 On the home page of the site, enter your mobile number.

3 Tap “Receive SMS with download link”.

4 After entering the mobile number and pressing, you will receive an SMS with the MPL game download link.

5 Open the text message and tap the link.

6 The link will open a browser.

7 On this browser, press the “Download MPL application” option.

8 Once the game is downloaded, install it on your device and start playing.

Download MPL Pro game

MPL Pro game is downloaded via APKs. After searching for MPL Pro Game on Google, a user can download the game through APK.

List of MPL games

There are several games on the MPL gaming platform, including

→ Fantastic cricket

→ Fantastic football

→ Fantastic basketball

→ Carrom

→ Swimming pool

→ Ludo

→ Runner n ° 1

→ Monster truck

→ Go for a ride

→ Sudoku

→ Speed ​​chess

→ Bubble Shooter

→ Build

→ Fruit chop

→ Fruit dart

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