Monster Hunter Rise: How to pause the game in single player mode

Monster Hunter Rise: How to Play The Okami Crossover & Unlock Amaterasu Layered Armor

Monster Hunter Rise is now available on PC, following its release on Nintendo Switch in 2021. The enhanced PC port includes all free post-launch material released up to version 3.6.1, along with new graphics options and improved performance . One of those updates is the Okami Collaboration, which adds a new event quest that lets you unlock Ammy Layered Armor for your Palamute. Here’s how to enter the Okami Crossover Special Mission and fight with Amaterasu, the Sun Goddess.

The first thing you should do is visit Senri the Postman at the Steel Mill in the center of Monster Hunter’s Rise Village. To add the “Rising Sun!?” Event Quest on your quest board, go to “Additional Content” and choose it from the list. If this is your first time playing, you can also choose “Collect All” to get all available DLC.

Head to the Gathering Hub and talk to Minoto the Quest Maiden once you’ve completed Okami’s event quest. The Rising Sun!?” The quest can be found in the “Low Rank” section of the “Event Quests” menu. There are no creatures to fear in this 2* gathering quest, and you can easily complete it as soon as the start of the game.

The quest takes place in the ruins of the shrine and requires you to collect all 21 Sun Goddess images placed throughout the area. Since each image is represented by a small marked packet on your minimap, collecting them all is a relatively simple activity that should only take a few minutes.

You will receive a Celestial Scroll after completing the task, which you can use to craft the Ammy Layered Armor for your Palamute. To craft the armor, you’ll need a total of four Sky Scrolls, so you’ll need to complete the “Rising Sun!?” Event quest a certain number of times. You’ll also need two pieces of fur, which you can earn by visiting the Shrine Ruins or Flooded Forest and killing a few Bullfango for their Bullfango Hides. The Scrap Fur you need can then be obtained by trading it with Buddy Smith in the Steelworks area of ​​the village. You can now craft the Ammy Layered Armor at Buddy Smith and transform your Palamute into Okami’s Protagonist with all the ingredients at your fingertips.

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