Minecraft Player builds a working clock face with working hands

A talented Minecraft player has built a fully functional clock with hands that correspond to the time that has passed, like a stopwatch.

A qualified Minecraft player created a working clock with moving hands in-game and shared his creation with the community. The esteemed indie game from Mojang Studios is both a 3D survival game and a sandbox game. Various multiplayer modes allow players to use Minecraft as a creative outlet with an almost unlimited number of possibilities. Although Minecraft was released in 2011, it remained popular for over a decade.

Minecraft is a success not only as a game, but also in its appearance on social networks. The procedurally generated block game is one of the most streamed and watched games, and the community is very large. Players from the vast community frequently design and share striking and intense images Minecraft creations, including a stunning recreation of Avatar’s Southern Air Temple. Minecraft is seemingly endless, and the existence of varied world seeds provides players with exciting new environments to explore and integrate. from Minecraft Creative Mode makes it easier to build large projects as usually hostile mobs are neutral towards the player and all in-game items are available in the user’s inventory.


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Recently, a gamer designed a fully functional stopwatch by Minecraft, equipped with three working hands. In the video uploaded to Reddit by ALEXEID0S, the creator shared his clock showing first a color key for the hands and then a quick view of the inner workings. ALEXEIDoS then flies, an ability only available in from Minecraft Creative Mode, and provides an overhead view of a passing hour. The seconds, minutes and hours hands all move according to the elapsed time. The build is very impressive, and while a tutorial has yet to be provided, one player in the comments requested one. With a quick look at the underside of the clock, it appears that ALEXEID0S primarily used specialized command blocks, which allow players to use commands from the console to perform a command of their choosing. These blocks are powered by MinecraftRedstone components are very complex and sometimes confusing, especially for new players.

Since Minecraft is a fan favorite, Mojang Studios has been constantly adding new updates, and players are always looking for new ways to interact with the environment. Although there is a story mode in the game, it is often overlooked by those who prefer to create or design their own game modes. This year the community can expect the release of Minecraftit’s The wild update that will add new biomes, mobs, and block types, as well as revamp existing aspects of the game. The update is expected to be released in full later this year, but players recently received a snapshot of The Wild and all the new deep, dark and beautiful additions it will bring.

Creations in Minecraft are often breathtaking, especially considering the challenges of creating detailed and functional designs using only blocks. The next update may further inspire the community, encouraging them to create even more awesome builds, like the ALEXIDoS working clock, using the new stuff that will be introduced. It will be exciting to see what players build and share on social media.

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Source: ALEXEID0S/Reddit

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