Louis Vuitton launches video game application with NFT

Move on, Balenciaga. Louis Vuitton is the latest luxury brand to launch into gaming.

The French fashion brand has announced the launch of its very first mobile video game, “Louis: The Game”, to celebrate the 200th anniversary of its founder. According to WWD, the app will follow Vivienne, Louis Vuitton’s monogrammed wooden doll mascot, as she embarks on an adventure through a colorful virtual world.

The character, who appeared on the luxury brand’s leather bags, will have to face various quests throughout the game. These will take players through the rich history of how the eponymous founder of Louis Vuitton traveled to Paris as a young trunk maker and established the esteemed Maison the world knows today.

Marry the past and the present, Louis: the game will also be incorporated into non-fungible tokens (NFTs), the blockchain-based animated collectibles that have grossed millions at art auctions. It’s still unclear if these will be worth as much, but that probably won’t stop Louis Vuitton’s tech-savvy customers from trying to get them. On the contrary, it confirms to us that the French brand is seriously betting on blockchain technology and its influence on the future of luxury fashion.

Louis: the game will officially launch worldwide on August 4, exactly 200 years after Vuitton was born. The app, designed for iOS and Android, will be available for download through the App Store and Google Play.

This is not the first time that Louis Vuitton has entered the world of video games. Final fantasy Fans may recall how the luxury brand presented the character of Lightning in its Spring / Summer 2016 campaign. In 2019, the House collaborated with the online multiplayer game, League of Legends, to release a capsule collection featuring limited edition skins with which players can customize their avatars.

The same year, the brand also launched Endless runner, a retro-style 16-bit video game inspired by Creative Director Virgil Abloh Fall / Winter 2019 collection of men’s clothing. However, the game was only playable on the Louis Vuitton site, unlike the next one. Louis: the game application.

(Photo credit: Louis Vuitton)

The new app also stands out for its emphasis on brand heritage.

“It’s important to learn from these trips, to know that someone before you went through the same trials and tribulations that someone before you made big bets, took big risks. ” noted Michael Burke, CEO of Louis Vuitton. “It’s about having experiences in life.

Besides the app, fashion fans can also look forward to all the other notable ways Louis Vuitton will celebrate its founder’s 200th anniversary. This includes a new documentary, In search of Louis, which premieres on Apple TV in December, as well as a showcase of its iconic trunks, reinterpreted by 200 notable personalities in fields such as art, design and sport.

Header photo credit: Louis Vuitton

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