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KASARAGOD: Police cannot ban online gambling in the state, but can take legal action if they receive complaints, state police chief told the National Human Rights Commission . The committee heard a petition presented by human rights activist Devadas that addressed the issue of a migrant worker behaving erratically after playing an online war game for long hours.

In August 2020, a 40-year-old construction worker from West Bengal broke into the Bekal police station and demanded to play war games with the sub-inspector. He sought to play with guns. When the police asked him to return to his room in Udma, he became violent. He was overpowered and sent to his room.

But the next morning, it hit the coastal road and started blocking the interstate trucks and lay down on the road. The police took him to the district hospital where he was sedated. His roommates said he was addicted to PUBG.

Commission Member K Byjunath heard the petition calling for the intervention of the SHRC to restrict the use of online games. He said unrestricted play of online games has consequences in society and among young people, but the state cannot pass laws to restrict its use.

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