ITFirms lists the best game app development companies in 2022

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As streaming and gaming become mainstream, tech companies are gradually gobbling up game studios. ITFirms flags the best game app development companies!

UNITED STATES, April 26, 2022 / — As competitors compete for exclusivity, scale and financial potential, consolidation plays a big role in every industry. Marketers are adopting an organic mobile game strategy to capture the dwindling attention of gamers. By working with popular mobile game publishers on new executions like advergaming and product placement, let marketers stay ahead of the game without relying heavily on in-game videos and game-based ads. pictures.

Online video game statistics

The mobile game segment is expected to reach US$124.90 billion in 2022 (CAGR 2022 – 2026 = 8.74%), which would result in an expected market volume of US$174.60 billion by 2026. user penetration in mobile games is 25.4% in 2022, reaching 29.3% = 2309.4 million users by 2026. The average revenue per user (ARPU) in the mobile games segment is expected to rise to USD 64.66 in 2022. (Statista)

Gaming mobile app development trends 2022

Mobile gaming infamously credits microtransactions in video games and gaming app development companies are looping several gaming trends in 2022 like (1) Triple-A Gaming, (2) XR Equals AR+VR, (3) Craze for Mobile Gaming, (4) Cloud Gaming/GaaS, (5) 5G to Make eSports Gaming Better, (6) Gaming-As-An-Art, (7) Live Gaming Content, (8) Online Gaming Services cloud, (9) Next-gen consoles, (10) Remakes and reboots, (11) Roblox

Source of income in mobile games

Considering all this and more, the gaming industry has three main sources of revenue: hardware (consoles, processors, display), software (games), and in-game purchases (live services). Therefore, pay-to-win mechanisms don’t matter because microtransactions are here to stay. Moreover, video games have done what the metaverse has devised as a strategy. Big games like GTA 5, which are hugely popular in the online gaming community, serve as a metaverse platform for the buyer, an extension of the real world.

Metaverse and NFT in online games

Big companies are buying up smaller ones, spending billions of dollars to mark their existence in the industry. The Chinese gaming giant has acquired Supercell, a game publisher. Microsoft bought Activision, Sony acquired Bungie – that clarifies that gaming is pocketing a lot of money, and industry-wide consolidation makes sense with avenues like the Metaverse and NFTs.

ITFirms lists the best game app development companies 2022

Online game studios offer many opportunities for content creation and sharing for a technology business, social interaction, and digital commerce. ITFirms selected top gaming application development companies that have increased spending on metaverse technology and gaming platforms with rapid growth in cloud gaming, popularity of subscription gaming, and mobile game developers contributing immensely to the global market.

1. Game Studio
2.iXie Games
3. Allianze Infosoft
4. Orion innovation
5. ZAPTA Technologies
6. Tractor, ready, go!
7. Konstant Infosolutions
8. Queppelin
9. PixelPlex
10. Viron IT

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