How to Earn Stock in Warframe

Stock is a currency added in the Warframe Veilbreaker update. This currency is used to purchase various items at the Kahl Garrison. This currency cannot be earned with real money and must be earned through specific in-game challenges and missions. The Veilbreaker update adds a Syndicate, Archon Hunts, and the 50th Warframe, Styanax. Earning shares is essential to earning shares. This guide will tell you how to earn stock in Warframe and what you can spend it on.

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How to Earn Stock in Warframe

Stock is earned after gaining access to Kahl Garrison. This faction is a syndicate that offers weekly missions and optional challenges to pursue. These Break Narmer missions and optional challenges are the only way to earn stock in Warframe. Players must complete the Veilbreaker cinematic quest to earn this rare currency and gain access to Kahl’s Garrison in Drifter Camp.

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To earn and spend stock, you must complete the Breaker Narmer intro mission that Kahl will give you after completing the previous quest requirements. After completing the tutorial mission, you will then unlock a merchant named Chipper. Chipper is a merchant that will contain all of the items you can buy with Kahl Garrison’s stock. What you can buy in the shop depends on your rank within the Kahl Garrison. The ranks and available items are as follows.

  1. Shelter Rank – Complete the first mission in Kahl Garrison to unlock Chipper’s Shop.
  2. Camp Rank – You have access to Chipper’s offerings, the Styanax Systems Blueprint and the Slaytra Blueprint.
  3. High rank – Archon Mods and the Styanax Neuroptics blueprint.
  4. Settlement Rank – The Aegrit blueprint and the Styanax chassis blueprint.
  5. Home Ranking – The ability to purchase one Archon Fragment per week. The Fog of War Ephemera, Afentis Blueprint and Styanax Blueprint.

Completing the weekly Break Narmer missions and optional Kahl challenges is crucial to earning stock. You need to level up this Syndicate with weekly game progression, and you don’t need to spend reputation to achieve higher level ranks. Spend this stockpile on weekly Archon Fragments to give your Warframes a powerful stat boost.

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