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Symphony of War: The Nephilim Saga is an indie fantasy strategy RPG that takes place over 30 chapters. Each of them advances the story before launching your character into a turn-based tactical battle – usually on a large map with multiple squads at your command. Then you can upgrade your items and troops.

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You will meet many friends and enemies along the way. And develop complex relationships. But before you start, you need to create your character. Read on to find out the best ways to create a character you’ll be happy with throughout the game.

Game Mode Setup

You have three main options when starting a new game:

  • Cadet: This is basically an easy mode, with your units only taking 50% damage. If you don’t like surprises, are new to strategy RPGs, or just want to wade through the story, this is the way to see the whole game without it being too difficult.
  • Captain: Standard mode. Good players should win each level relatively comfortably, but it can still be difficult to get a perfect score for each chapter.
  • military leader: Hard mode, with enemies being tougher throughout. If you want a real challenge, this mode is for you.


Additionally, you can choose whether or not to display Tutorial Tips (you can change your mind later).

Also note that below these choices is a ‘permanent death‘ option. It will be crossed out if you don’t click on it, so don’t worry. But that’s another way to complete the challenge – in any mode. This means that if you lose a unit in battle, it is gone forever, unless it becomes part of the story. Usually, as long as you win the overall battle, all of your units are fit and healthy again for the next chapter.

Character Creation Questions

Then you will come to a series of screens where you will be asked five random questions from a potential list of nine. Each answer will make a small change to your character’s starting stats and may affect those stats in the future. There are seven potential opportunities for strength, intelligence, and leadership bonuses, and six for skills, depending on the questions you are asked.

Here are the questions and the skill your answers will give bonuses to:

At the point of death, what will you consider to be a life well lived?

  • (Strength) I did it my way.
  • (Intelligence) I realized who I was meant to be.
  • (Leadership) Many will mourn my passing.

A desperate beggar corners you, asking for money. What are you doing?

  • (Force) Intimidate him into backing off.
  • (Skill) Speak to get out of the situation.
  • (Leadership) Offer him a hot meal at the pub.

As a potential leader in difficult times, what are your most effective tools?

  • (Intelligence) Your good heart.
  • (Leadership) Your inspiring charisma.
  • (Strength) Fear.

What are you most looking for in a companion?

  • (Strength) Beauty.
  • (Skill) Wealth and prestige.
  • (Intelligence) Intelligence.

What is the most important trait a leader should have?

  • (Leadership) The ability to bring people together.
  • (Intelligence) Unwavering love for the people.
  • (Strength) The power to command respect and fear.

What leads most to the downfall of great civilizations?

  • (Strength) Infidelity.
  • (Competence) Poverty.
  • (leadership) intolerance.

What personal flaw do you most want to avoid?

  • (leadership) Deceptive and exploitative.
  • (Skill) Easily manipulated.
  • (Intelligence) Lack of will.

You must give up your most precious possession. What is that?

  • (Skill) Your immense wealth.
  • (Strength) Your combat prowess.
  • (Intelligence) Your faith.

You were lucky to have a child. If you could choose their fate, what would it be?

  • (Skill) A famous musician.
  • (leadership) A great general.
  • (Intelligence) A devout follower of faith.

After that, you’ll be taken through a short tutorial battle, then skip straight to Chapter One – after which you’ll be able to see how your choices have affected your character. Click on Organize the armythen Squad Ops. Choose the squad led by your main character, then choose the Unit Status option – and click on your character.

The image below shows a character who has chosen answers giving Strength (x2), Skill (x2), and Leadership (x1). Note that magic is much weaker. Also note that you will start with around 50 Leadership.

Character Stats Explained

Steering (LDR)

This stat works differently (in character creation) than the others below. Each leadership response given adds a single leadership point. This is a one-time deal. Leadership is always important, as it determines a character’s squad ability. Units cost about ten leaders each. This can be affected by Artifacts and Traits, which can make certain units cheaper or more expensive for you – while some Artifacts themselves have a leadership cost – or a bonus.

Magic (MAG)

This affects the individual’s magic damage and healing strength. This also determines your defense against magic attacks. Each point put into magic will give a one-time starting bonus to the stat, plus a bonus each time the stat improves as you level up. Your character won’t be able to use magic abilities until later in the game.

Competence (SKL)

Determines Critical Hits, Evasion Chance, and Chilling Hits, as well as your success rate. Each skill point received during character creation grants a starting skill bonus, plus additional points as the stat improves. Good if you want to be part of a skirmish team.

Strength (STR)

It works the same way as skill and magic, giving an initial and ongoing strength stat bonus for each question answered this way. In the game, the Force improves your character’s physical damage, while giving you additional physical resistance. Good if you want to be part of a well armored brute force team.

What stats should I increase?

No matter what you choose, you’ll have plenty of chances to further affect your stats as the game progresses. It’s worth noting that your character has no choice but to be in melee for the first two thirds about the game, so Magic will be less useful at first. Additionally, it won’t be long before you command a dozen squads in a battle, so a small one-time addition to your leadership might also feel suboptimal in the long run. But there are no wrong answers – just play the game your way.

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