How to craft items from blueprints

Looking to craft new items for the farm? It’s a good idea! But where do players craft the items they get blueprints for?

The expansion of the farm is an important part of Ooblets. With time management being the focus, being able to complete tasks quickly is one of the highest priorities players should have. Blueprints allow players to better manage the farm, which means they are essential to gaining mastery of the game.

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But how do players craft the items they buy? Nothing on the farm seems to tell them how. The brief tutorial has more to do with ooblet dancing than crafting. There is one place where players can finally create what they need to create Ooblets.


Crafting objects from blueprints

For players who have acquired a new blueprint and want the item, head to Manatwee. It’s the shop with the sofa logo above the front door. Instead of shopping at reception, go left and look for an appliance with a bunch of circular saws sticking out of it.

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It’s the Fabricuter and it’s where blueprints turn into real, tangible objects for the farm. Keep in mind that having the plan is not enough; players will need to farm teddy bears and other resources to craft whatever item they want. Even if players can’t yet craft the specific item they want, the Fabricuter will tell them what is still needed as long as they have the blueprint for it.

Get more blueprints

Players may notice that there are a lot of blueprints grayed out at the Fabricuter. This means that the character has not yet acquired the blueprint. To get these blueprints, head to the fountain in the center of Badgetown and buy a new one. There are also upgrades located here for previously acquired blueprints.

These are not free to buy, of course. Accumulate Wishes quickly to purchase some of the advanced options. If the plan you want does not appear, level up several times and check again. Blueprints unlock as players progress through the game.

Ooblets is now available for PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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