How to complete all Xbox Game Pass quests in May 2022

If you are a Xbox Game Pass subscriber, there is nothing better than earning Microsoft reward points just by playing games. This can be done by completing quests.

There are three categories of quests you will need to complete to earn points in May. These are weekly, daily and monthly quests. As their names suggest, Weekly Quests will refresh every week with new additions, while Monthly Quests will last for the entire month, giving you a longer time frame to complete them and score their rewards.

Daily Quests are a unique quest that’s new every day, and you’ll want to check on your console’s Game Pass tab to make sure you’re completing these challenges. To make sure you get the most out of May, here’s an overview of all the monthly and weekly quests you can complete.

Xbox Game Pass monthly quests for May

Game Pass: Complete these monthly Game Pass milestones

  • Quest Dedication: Complete 12 daily quests and 8 weekly quests
  • Quest Completion: Complete 22 daily quests and 12 weekly quests
  • Game Pass Explorer: Play 4 different Game Pass games
  • Quest Beginner: complete 6 daily quests and 4 weekly quests

F1 2021: Complete 10 laps

To complete this quest you will simply need to start F1 2021, choose a race and complete 10 laps. By doing this, you will receive your Xbox Game Pass reward points.

Disneyland Adventures: Hug 3 Disney Characters

To allow your character to kiss characters in the Disney park, you’ll need to complete the in-game tutorial first. Once you’ve completed and earned The Golden Ticket achievement, head to the park and find characters Disney. Press “X” to interact, then choose left on the d-pad to hug them. Once you have done this three times, you will receive your reward.

Slime Rancher: Sell 10 Plorts

You will want to start slime breeder and start a new game. Go out into the world vacuuming up fruits, vegetables, and slimes. Once you have around 15 pink slimes, you can return to where you started and drop them into the pen. Once in the paddock, these slimes should start creating Pin Plorts which, once collected with your vacuum cleaner, can be sold at the Plort Market. Pull the Plorts into the receptacle and wait, then you should complete this quest.

State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition: Destroy 1 Plague Heart

The fastest way to destroy a Plague Heart in State of Decay 2 is to start a new game and select Providence Ridge. Then select the green level and three survivors. You can skip the cutscene after starting your community and opening the map. Look for a drop of blood on the map and travel there. Once there you will see the Plague Heart, just destroy it then you are done.

Xbox Game Pass weekly quests for May

May 3 – May 10

Game Pass: Complete these weekly Game Pass stages

  • Earn your way: unlock 3 achievements or play 3 Game Pass games
  • Complete 3 daily quests

Peggle 2: Touch 40 orange pegs

The best way to do this is to simply replay the first level of peggle destroy all the Orange Pegs then start over. It shouldn’t take you too long to complete this quest.

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