How lenses work in Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water

Lenses play an important role in combat in Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water, but the in-game tutorial ignores how to use them fairly quickly, so you might overlook this powerful tool. Here’s a guide to tips for equipping and upgrading objectives, gaining spiritual power, and taking special photos.

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To equip a lens, go to the menu screen and select Camera. Select Goals, and then press the Confirm button. You can now select one of the three objective slots in your current character’s Camera Obscura and choose one of the available objectives to fill that slot.

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To improve a lens, go to the Camera screen and press right to highlight the Enhancements tab. Now go down to Lenses and hit the Confirm button. Scroll through the available objectives to see the benefits of each upgrade, and then, if you have enough points to spend, tap Confirm to purchase the upgrade you want.

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Most of the special shots from your targets require spiritual power. The amount of Spirit Power you have is indicated by a bar at the bottom left of the photo mode screen. To gain more spiritual power, take pictures of enemy ghosts. Most ghost shots give you a bit of spiritual power, but Shutter Chance and Fatal Frame shots give you a lot. Two or three good Shutter Shots should be enough to fill the Spirit Power Bar from empty.

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Once you’ve filled the Spirit Power bar, you can use a special shot. To use special lens shooting, first select the desired lens by pressing up or down on the D-pad on the photo mode screen. Then place your target (s) inside the frame and press the Special Shot button. Depending on the lens you use, your shot will have an additional effect.

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