Hitman 3 Silent Assassin Suit Only guide for Hawke’s Bay

Nightcall is the main story mission at the location of Hawke’s Bay in Hitman 3. The area kicks off the story arc for Hitman 2, picking up where things left off after Hokkaido. Agent 47 must find information on who is orchestrating the targets in the shadows. This guide explains how to complete the mission with a rank of Silent Assassin and without changing Agent 47’s outfit once.


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You don’t need anything specific for this route. The only item you need to have with you is a silenced pistol. We love the Goldballer, but you can bring anything as long as it kills your target.

Step 1: Go home and access the computer

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From your starting point, run towards the house and keep to the right. The game will provide you with a tutorial that will show you how to shoot cameras. If not, look for the camera above the driveway and film it. Head to the garage door, but instead of following the prompts to pick the lock and enter that way, use the escape pipe to your left to climb up to the balcony.

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You need to find a computer in this house. It’s pretty obvious, in an office on the first floor. However, you cannot enter without a password key. To do this, find the painting in the office and interact with it. This will open a safe with weapons and a password dongle inside. Recover the password dongle and you will be able to interact with the computer again.

Step 2: Go to the bathroom window and kill your target

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There are plenty of sophisticated ways to kill your target once you’ve interacted with the computer, but we prefer something more subtle. When the target arrives, exit the office and enter the hallway, turn left and take the first door on the left. This leads to the balcony outside the bathroom. All you have to do now is wait for your target to come upstairs and go to the bathroom with their partner.

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When the pair are in the bathroom, the target’s partner will jump into the shower. Wait until the shower fogs up so he can’t see you kill the target and the target can’t see you in the mirror. Then, when you’re ready, jump into the bathroom, shoot your target in the head, and overpower the partner. You need to hide both bodies in the closet cabinet to gain maximum experience.

Step 3: Exit the location

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To exit the area, use the same escape pipe you climbed at the start of the mission. There’s a guard posted downstairs now, but you can get him out of the way by jumping over the balcony and then backing up before he fully spots you. This will cause the guard to go upstairs and investigate, leaving the alley clear for you to drop down and sneak through the tall grass.

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There are guards around your boat so you have to shoot the gas tank in the car to cause a distraction and lure them all out. This allows you to sneak past them and leave. There is also a way out of this place using keys and a car at home, but the boat is the easiest way out for beginners.

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