Halo co-creator to work on new Battlefield campaign at Seattle studio

In October 2021, following the closure of his own independent studio, Halo co-creator Marcus Lehto joined EA to form an all-new studio. Ultimately, the newly created EA Seattle studio will focus primarily on Battlefield, looking to deliver new single-player or potentially co-op campaigns.

Battlefield was once well known for its campaigns, but after Battlefield 4, EA began to be wary of the idea of ​​single-player games. Rather than creating a big story arc with set moments, DICE began to tackle the single-player side of Battlefield, leading to smaller, episodic campaigns that felt more like tutorial missions for different map scenarios, rather than to something grand and cinematic. like Bad Company. After that, more resources were pushed to the multiplayer side, but as we’ve seen with Battlefield 2042 recently, putting all your eggs in one basket can lead to disastrous results.

At the new Seattle studio, led by Halo co-creator Marcus Lehto, EA will seek to create “rich and exciting stories with memorable characters and powerful experiences in the Battlefield universe,” according to a recent job offer. The job specifically requires a Design Director, who will be responsible for the design of the game’s mission and storytelling, mechanics, and other systems.

Nothing has been announced yet, but DICE apparently has a three-year plan to save the Battlefield franchise. Bringing back cinematic and well-polished campaigns could be a good step towards that goal. For now though, DICE maintains that its only focus right now is Battlefield 2042, so whatever this new Seattle studio has planned, it’s likely still a few years away.

KitGuru says: Maybe we can finally get the sequel to Bad Company that fans have been asking for over the past decade, rather than another semi-futuristic or World War-era shooter.

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