GTFO gets Surprise 1.0 launch trailer at Game Awards

The hardcore cooperative survival game GTFO is definitely not for the faint of heart, tasking players with managing their resources and carefully making their way through an underground complex to achieve the objectives. During this time, players must carefully avoid the sleeping monsters, which will regroup into a huge treasure to take down players at the slightest violation. While GTFO has been in Early Access for years, it’s about time it debuted.

During the Game Awards, GTFO revealed a surprise trailer for version 1.0, as well as the removal of version 1.0 itself. Players will benefit from a plethora of new features and improvements, as the trailer shows. The new trailer is tense, showing a group of four players making their way through one of the GTFO missions. They fight monsters, weave their way through dimly lit hallways, and do their best to survive when things go wrong.


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However, while the trailer shows the core of what GTFO is, the list of upgrades is the real star of the show. Perhaps the biggest novelty is the addition of bots, which, while not as smart as humans, will make it easier for solo players to play. GTFO without looking for a band to play with. Additionally, players get a new melee combat system, player customization, better localization for certain languages, and checkpoints. Of course, there are also other smaller improvements that come with the larger changes.

Checkpoints, in particular, are a game for making GTFO more accessible, making the experience easier for new players. Players can also look forward to a new semi-tutorial mission with Update 1.0 that will help them become familiar with GTFObasic mechanics. This means that GTFO will have easier ways to start new players without sacrificing its core identity, which many games struggle to do well.

If there was any doubt, GTFO is a horror game, and gamers should expect it when expecting it. For those who are not familiar, the experience is similar to Galactic Deep Rock, although it does require players to pay much more attention to their surroundings, resources, and general situation.

GTFO originally debuted at the Game Awards 2017, launching Early Access in 2019. So it’s only fitting that developer 10 Chambers decided to surprise version 1.0 at this year’s show, as it brings GTFOThe circle is complete. With the promise of more content to come as well, now is a great time to be a GTFO fan.

GTFO is available now on PC.

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