Google Play Store is inundated with Squid Game App malware

What are fake squid games apps for?

This is a tricky question, as there are over 200 games under the name Squid Game on the Google Play Store alone, none of which are official. The harmless are just poorly designed games that attempt to replicate the series and generate ad revenue from distraught gamers. However, some of the more insidious apps are believed to contain malware.

At least one Squid game app has been identified as containing malicious Android software known as Joker. Disguised as Squid game wallpaper, users who downloaded this app have unknowingly installed malware on their Android device, potentially becoming prone to ad fraud or signing up for targeted SMS scam campaigns.

This is far from the first time that something like this has appeared on the Google Play Store. The malware distributors have acted under the guise of other very popular media, including Fortnite, Pokemon, and even COVID-19 applications.

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