Gears 5 error 0x80073CF3 is blocking game download [FIXED]

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gears 5 error

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The latest entry in the Gears of War series hit the gaming community in July with a trailer.

This trailer showcased the new mechanics introduced in Gears 5 and served as an invitation to anyone interested in participating in the free tech test that took place over multiple rounds.

If you are an active Game Pass subscriber, you can use the Game Pass library to download the game.

The game is also available through the Microsoft Store, but some users have reported having difficulty downloading it this way.

As for the reported users, the issue is as follows:

So I am trying to download the client for the Gears 5 beta / tech test but every time I run the installation I get this error 0x80073CF3 “Update failed”

Error 0x80073CF3 also known as Package update failed is usually caused by misconfigured system settings or faulty entries in the Windows registry.

This is an error that is most often found when trying to perform Windows updates or while downloading Windows Store apps. You can read more about it in this guide.

How to fix error 0x80073CF3 step by step

Although this is not a guaranteed solution, you can try following these steps in order to potentially resolve your issues:

  1. Clean up your temporary files as well as your Internet cache and perform a system restart.
  2. Disable or uninstall your firewall and antivirus software.
  3. Use Microsoft’s Windows Update troubleshooter to reset Windows updates to their default settings
  4. Reset the software distribution folder.
  5. Reset the Catroot folder to default settings.
  6. Boot into Clean Boot mode and run Windows Update again

Ultimately, if all else fails, you may want to consider performing a full system reinstallation, which will likely fix any issues.

The first round of the Gears 5 Tech Test began on July 19 and ended on July 22, with the next round scheduled to start on July 26.

Hopefully, if you follow these steps, you won’t run into similar issues again and can enjoy early access to Gears 5 before the official September release date.

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