FREE Switch game: Download Jump Rope Challenge now

Nintendo has now released a new free Switch game to help people stay active at home. While it might not be as feature-packed as the Ring Fit Adventure and near-impossible-to-obtain device (here’s our hands-on review), the new Jump Rope Challenge is a great little workout game that won’t cost you a penny. More details below.

FREE Switch Game – Jump Rope Challenge:

The Nintendo Switch has been pretty hard to get on its own over the past few months, but if you have one, there’s a nice free Switch game waiting to keep you active at home. Jump Rope Challenge is available for free download on the eShop right now if you want to give it a try.

the The free Switch game is a simple game that has been developed by a few of Nintendo’s home developers. Nintendo said it was created in Japan as a way to add some “fast and fun physical movement” into the daily life of the developer and is now available for all Switch owners. Well, almost all Switch owners. You’ll need a standard Switch with the removable Joy-Con for the set to work properly, as opposed to the all-in-one Switch Lite console.

Jump Rope Challenge presents players with a simple interface with an adorable avatar imitating your jumps. An on-screen counter tracks your progress, while an overview screen lists your stats by day, and that’s about it. Simple, effective and completely free.

There’s also a nice little multiplayer mode where another avatar and an actual player can join you for motivation or fierce competition.

Finally, Nintendo has also made sure that those who can’t jump, whether for health reasons or out of consideration for your downstairs neighbors, can still play. According to Nintendo, “players can bend their knees or move their arms to play the game without creating noise”.

Download FREE now:

The jump rope challenge is available now for free download on the online store. According to reports, the game is a limited time release. That means you’ll need to collect it before September or else you risk losing your chance altogether.

9to5Toys review:

Well, maybe it’s not the free Switch game that everyone would have wanted, it will definitely help some people stay active at home and complements the ongoing summer sale nicely. Anything to get us moving while we’re all stuck at home is a good thing right now, adorable jumping bunnies and virtual skipping ropes included. The limited-time nature of the giveaway is a little odd, but the The 78MB download is probably worth the space it takes up in your Switch game library anyway. So you might as well pick it up now and decide later.

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