Far Cry 6: How to complete the Meet the Legends quest?

Welcome to our guide to “Far Cry 6: How to Complete the Take Your Medicine Quest?”. A breakdown of Far Cry’s Take Your Medicine quest is included in this guide. You will figure out how to approach Jonron and give the drug transport helicopter.

How to complete Take Your Medicine quest in Far Cry 6?

After completing the Meet the Legend mission, you can start this mission after reaching Patriotas Peak Guerrilla Base for the first time. Right at the guerrilla camp, you will see El Tigre again. To look for supplies, head to the Sierra Perdida Supply Depot, where the helicopter was shot down. Reach the Helicopter Ruins once you’ve arrived to start a cutscene depicting your first contact with Jonron as well as other potential allies.

There, at the crash site, you will have to fight hostile forces. Listen to your friends’ shouts regarding the direction of the next group of opponents throughout the firefight. Radar indications can also be used to track down new adversaries. Any firearm can be used by regular soldiers. Just avoid being exposed and becoming an obvious target for them.

Hostile machines will be increasingly difficult to deal with. Grenades are great for quickly destroying vehicles, but you can also seek elimination behind a decent shield from onboard gunners. Unfortunately, there will be at least one hostile helicopter around. We suggest using a rocket launcher, fixed cannon or Volta supremo to transmit an EMP pulse, thus “stopping” the flying vehicle in this situation.

What is the purpose of this quest?

The objective of this quest can be difficult because the helicopter crash site is within anti-aircraft gun range. Any effort to reach this site by helicopter will be doomed, as you will be blown to pieces in the air. An AA cannon is located west of here, so go there. It’s a great idea to eliminate surrounding opponents when you arrive at your destination. It is best to accomplish this discreetly so that one of the opponents does not want to use the helicopter parked nearby.

You can take out the anti-aircraft gun with grenades, a launcher or a supreme exterminator, for example. Taking advantage of the chance to hijack a hostile helicopter from the same enemy base is a great option. You won’t have to travel to a helicopter pick-up location or search gameplay for a “free” flying machine with this approach. Take off in the direction of Jonron as well as the other comrades after obtaining the helicopter. Simply fly to the crash site to see an end-of-mission cutscene. You don’t have to land alone.

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