Elden Ring Player defeats all bosses in the game’s first no-damage run

After months of training and planning, an Elden Ring streamer has defeated all 165 bosses in the game without being hit once.

It took months of planning, but a Ring of Elden streamer finally beat every boss in the game in a notoriously tough no-hitter race. The open-world action-RPG from the creators of dark souls and transmitted by blood was released earlier this year, and fans continue to find new ways to enjoy the game. Due to its difficulty, many gamers may want a strategy guide to help beat Ring of Elden and its many bosses, but Twitch streamer GinoMachino differs from these players.


All 165 bosses in the game were defeated in the world premiere Ring of Elden All bosses without a hit. posted on GinoMachinoon the Twitter account of and reported by IGNthe talented Ring of Elden The streamer originally announced its goal of a no-hit boss in March. After a few months of strategizing and planning, and another month of training, GinoMachino finally defeated all the bosses. From the Soldier of Godrick boss tutorial to the infamously difficult Malenia, Blade of Miquella, every enemy has been killed without the player being hit once.

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All 165 Elden Ring bosses bow to a new Elden Lord

Simple finish Ring of Elden and achieving one of its ends doesn’t sound like an easy task for most gamers, but a no-hitter run in any of FromSoft’s games is an impressive feat. The terms of such a run state that if a player receives even one hit, they must start the whole game over from the beginning. While he wasn’t entirely confident the task would be complete anytime soon, GinoMachino accomplished the monumental achievement in eight hours and fifty-six minutes on their Twitch stream on October 25.

The impressive no-hitter run isn’t the first time streamer GinoMachino has impressed Ring of Elden Fans. He recently beat the entire game without using any weapons, relying solely on his weak unarmed attack. It was another amazing feat, especially since Ring of EldenThe Fire Giant battle lasted five hours punches to win. Speedrunners have also found ways to beat the game in under five minutes using special exploits and glitches.

Modders and streamers continue to find exciting new ways to play Ring of Elden, and thousands of players continue to log into the game every day. Fans may not have to wait long for more official content to release in the form of Ring of Elden DLC, which is expected to be released in the first half of 2023. Until then, streamers like GinoMachino will likely continue to find new and awesome ways to defeat the infamously difficult title and the many bosses it features.

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Source: GinoMachino/Twitter (Going through IGN)

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