Elden Ring: Golden Seed Location Guide

Golden Seeds are items in Elden Ring that increase the number of charges in the sacred flask. They are used on grace sites and help tremendously in the early game. This guide will show the location of Golden Seeds and how to get there.

Golden Seeds can be easily spotted near young Erdtree trees. To upgrade the flask, simply rest at a grace site and spend golden seeds to increase the charges of either Crimson Flask Where Cerulean tears.

When the Elden Ring was shattered, these seeds flew out of the Erdtree, scattering across the various lands, as if life itself knew its end had come.

Golden Seed Description


  • Stranded Graveyard: Use stone sword keys to unlock the Tomb of the Fringefolk hero right after the tutorial area. Defeat the Ulcerated Tree Spirit boss at the end to claim a gold seed.
Tomb of the Fringefolk hero
  • Front door : The first seed of gold in the world is west of the Front door place of grace. Follow the road until the Erdtree Sapling on the side of the road comes into view.
  • Fort Haight West: From this site of grace, head south on the main path to the castle and the Erdtree Sapling is there.

Stormsail Castle

  • Isolated cell: Head south past the giant and the gold seed is along the left wall.
  • Room on the elevator side: The room this grace site is in has a locked door. There is a secret area below Stormsail Castle. There is a Ulcerated Tree Spirit there who, when killed, drops a golden seed.
Stormsail Castle

weeping peninsula

  • Rampart of the castle of Le Morne: Start at this site of grace and head west until there is a hole in the wall. Go through this and down – the Erdtree Sapling will be straight ahead.
crying penis


  • City door of the academy: Head north until you reach the roof of the sunken building. Head west between the buildings and it’s a straight shot to the gold seed from there.
  • Main gate of the Academy: Head north, but instead of using the seal to teleport, cross it and at the end of the bridge is a golden seed.

Raya Lucaria Academy

  • Debate room: Progress through the Academy until Radagon’s Red Wolf boss fight. After winning, head north into the courtyard and hug the left (west) wall. Pass under the viaduct and guarded by enemies, there will be a golden seed.

Carin Manor

  • Caria Manor: To the northwest is Caria Manor. After fighting in the practical yard, find the Lower level of the mansion place of grace. Go further into the mansion from there (hand enemies are weak to shoot and will roll if hit). Look for an elevator that goes up past the catwalks with the Spectral Knights. Go up the elevator to find the Upper level of the mansion place of grace. There is a golden seed right outside this door.


  • South Bank of Aonia Swamps: Head south on the road and head west until there is a white path on the left side. Follow this south until you see the Erdtree sapling.
  • The streets of Sellia: This site of grace is accessible after lighting two of the towers of Sellia, city of witchcraft. There is a Erdtree sapling just before the door at the far end of town, up the stairs. This seed does not require the puzzle to be completed to collect, but it does start Millicent’s quest.
  • Wailing Dunes: After having defeated Starscourge Radan head to the northernmost point of the Wailing Dunes place of grace. Defeat the Putrid Tree Spirit boss in the War dead catacombs dungeon to receive a golden seed
  • Beast Sanctuary: The fastest way to get this golden seed is to kill the Marine boss in the Water Summoning Village. Talking to D after that will place a marker on the map that will lead to a way to teleport to the Beast Sanctuary in celid. From Beast Sanctuary just head south past the guardian and the Erdtree sapling will be on the side of the road.

Soifra River Well

  • under the well: South of this site of grace is a path leading to the walls of Nokron. Follow the path to find an Erdtree tree.
Soifra River Well


  • Nokstella, the eternal city: This area is after Nokron and is only accessible after Starscourge Radan is defeated. Here is a guide on how to find Nokron. There is a church at the top of this area containing the Moon of Nokstella. Just explore and keep going up. Near this church there will be an elevator to go down. There will be a dead Erdtree Sapling ahead.
Nokstella The Eternal City

rot lake

  • Grand Cloister: From this grace site, drop down and head down the small alleyway to the east. A few tremors will precede a Ulcerated Tree Spirit appearing. Kill if for a golden seed.
rot lake

Altus plateau

  • Altus Highway Junction: Follow the road and there’s a gold seed not too far on the left side.
  • Bower of Bounty: Head northeast from the site of grace through the clearing. Look east until there’s a Erdtree sapling and watch out for enemies that release cursed mist.
  • Windmill Villagee: Head west out of the village and follow the road southeast. There will be rocks fired from catapults, so watch out for incoming fire. The Golden Seed will be on the right side of the road


  • Exterior Wall Ghost Tree: There are five golden seeds around this site of grace. There are two right next to it, as well as two more at the top of the stairs near the Finger Reading Crone. Also, head south from Exterior Wall Ghost Tree Grace site to a soldiers encampment and kill the Ulcerated Tree Spirit falling from the sky to claim another Golden Seed.
  • Balcony of the Avenue: Go down the stairs and jump to the right side on the Cinder Plains. A Ulcerated Tree Spirit will appear and reward its killer with a Golden Seed.
  • Rampart of the western capital: After climbing the dragon near the avenue balcony Thanks site, there will be a ladder on the wall further. From West Capital Rampart grace site, there will be a golden seed nearby to the south.

Mount Gelmir

  • Erdtree-Gazing Hill: After reassembling the Dectus Liftgo straight north to Ruins of Lux. Behind the ruins is a Grace Site and a Golden Seed right next to it.
  • Bubbling river: To access this site of grace, start with the Erdtree-Gazing Hill and head north up the hill. There is a Mariner boss fight, beyond this west through the ruins is the Site of Grace. Of The boiling water head north along the canyon to the Erdtree Sapling to claim its Golden Seed.
  • Shooting Star Beast: From Ninth Gelmir campsite grace site jump and defeat or outrun the Fallingstar Beast. From there, go west and the golden seed will be at the edge.
Mount Gelmir

Peaks of the Giants

  • Forbidden Lands: Before the Big Rold Lift there is a golden seed along the main path. From the Grace site, follow the main trail east. The seed is before the black blade boss fight.
  • Catacomb of the Giants on top of a mountain: The boss of this dungeon is a Ulcerated Tree Spirit and drops a golden seed when killed. To find it, start with Zamor Ruins Grace site and head southeast through the ruins. Continue to follow the path around the mountain heading east along the left wall. Stick to the left wall until it breaks loose and head northeast. There should be enemies with fire attacks and a giant land bridge. Just go towards the enemies and hug the right wall – the entrance will be in front of you.
  • Frozen lake : Go south of this grace site. This golden seed is guarded by a giant and is right behind it.
  • Foot of the Forge: There is a golden seed to the northeast up the hill from the foot of the forge place of grace. It is guarded by two giants throwing giant magic urns. Proceed with caution as they leave a damaging puddle of fire on the ground.
  • Ordina, liturgical city: To obtain this seed, it is necessary to have the Haligtree secret medallion. Its two halves can be found at Albinauric Village in Liurnia and Castle Sol at Giant’s Summit. Hoist the secret medallion at Rold’s Great Elevator to begin this adventure (and gain access to the secret area of ​​Haligtree). From the Ordina, liturgical Town grace site ahead of you, head west and the Erdtree Sapling will be in sight just beyond the ledge.
Peaks of the Giants

Farum Azula

  • Dragon Temple Elevator: Head south from the site of grace past the fountain. The Erdtree sapling is at the top of the stairs. Enemies pop up from the ground around him, so be careful of ganking as it’s very easy to get swarmed in this area.
  • Roof of the Dragon Temple: From the site of grace, continue on the path. Past the falcons and to the east is a temple containing an Erdtree tree and the last golden seed.
Farum Azula

There are more Golden Seeds in the game than you need to fully upgrade the Flask, so don’t feel rushed to find them all.

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