EA’s patent aims to reduce frustration with massive game download sizes


The folks at GameRant have spotted a patent filed by publishing giant Electronic Arts for technology that allows gamers to stream full games before downloading them. The idea is to let players get started instantly rather than waiting for the download to finish.

The patent relates to a “dynamic streaming video game client” that works with “a wide range of devices”. The application specifically refers to “desktops, laptops, video game platforms, television set-top boxes, televisions (e.g. Internet televisions), network-compatible kiosks, car console devices, computerized devices, wearable devices (eg, smartwatches and glasses with computing functionality) and wireless mobile devices (eg, smart phones, PDAs, tablets, etc.), to name a few.

In its app, EA acknowledges that it is frustrating for some gamers to have to sit on massive downloads of up to 100GB, especially if they are short on time. The publisher hopes to solve this problem with its new technology.

“Due to the size of video games, the installation process can take a long time,” the description reads. “The size of games, in some cases, can exceed 100 GB of data to download over a network, which can take several hours. This download process can be quite frustrating if a user wants to play a new game with friends or has limited time to play the game.

The application was originally filed in 2019, but was only recently patented on February 16. It is not known if EA is actively developing this technology.

[Source: USPTO via GameRant]


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