Each location in Miman (Chiyoda region)

There are 200 Miman in Da’at that players are looking for in Shin Megami Tensei 5. Here are all the locations of the 50 in the Chiyoda area.

The quest to find each Miman location continues in Shin Megami Tensei V Chiyoda region. There are 50 to be found there, out of the 200 Miman throughout the game. Gustave, the trader encountered very early on, will exchange glory and prizes for each Miman found in Shin Megami Tensei V.

Shin Megami Tensei V players can seek out Miman to improve perks or gain permanent perks for their party. In that sense, they’re pretty resourceful, and finding their location throughout the game is important. Due to the time it can take to find each, players may need a guide to help them find each Miman location in Shin Megami Tensei 5’s Regions.


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The little red men scattered around Shin Megami Tensei V are usually tucked away in corners, atop ledges or behind buildings. Chiyoda’s Miman usually hang out in the open and aren’t exactly in hiding. Players accustomed to cultivating resources the old-fashioned way by marking every inch of land may end up finding them easily.

Talk to Gustave de Miman in Shin Megami Tensei 5

SMT V Shinagawa Miman Locations Miman Close Up

Players will need to speak with Gustave in Shin Megami Tensei V to start this quest if they haven’t already done so. He requests that these Miman demons be found and even offers a tutorial on how to find them. Once collected, players will earn Glory as well as other prizes. Players can get Talismans, Gem Sets, Essences, and even Large Glory Crystals. The closer players get to find the 200 Miman in Da’at, the more the prizes gain in value. Here are all of Miman’s locations in the Chiyoda region:

  • Miman # 1: At the top of the white rock cliff at the start of the Ginza region.
  • Miman # 2: Top of a tilted / fallen building, northwest of Ginza Leyline.
  • Miman # 3: West of the old sloping building, behind some rubble.
  • Miman n ° 4: Near the black rock slabs, behind the Black Frost quest giver.
  • Miman # 5: Behind the building with two vending machines, west of Ginza Leyline.
  • Miman # 6: In a dead end behind a slab wall, at the far west of Ginza Leyline.
  • Miman # 7: Descend from a roof ledge into a space at the edge of the map, west of Sukiyabashi Leyline.
  • Miman # 8: On a grassy cliff next to a large stone next to a tree, still west of Sukiyabashi.
  • Miman # 9: On the roof across the space with a brown railing, northeast of Sukiyabashi Leyline.
  • Miman # 10: On the roof near Hayotoro, still east of Sukiyabashi.
  • Miman # 11: Near the previous roof between the building and the mountain, north of the previous one and east of Sukiyabashi Leyline. (Near the statue of the demon)
  • Miman n ° 12: At the top of a small balcony with stairs (near the building with a fallen bridge), a little after the Nihonbashi Leyline.
  • Miman # 13: At the junction of the path under the broken bridge, Sout West of Nihonbashi.

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  • Miman # 14: In the corner of the tilted building and the tilted tree, northeast of Nihonbashi Leyline.
  • Miman # 15: On the ground floor in front of a long gray rock with a tree behind, northeast of Hihonbashi Leyline.
  • Miman # 16: Beyond the previous Miman, at the top of a climbing boulder and near a crooked tree and a lamppost.
  • Miman # 17: Under the bridge over which the railway tracks run, near Fionn Mac Cumhail.
  • Miman # 18: In a small corner on the ground floor, northeast of Awajicho Leyline (edge ​​of the map).
  • Miman # 19: Below ground level climbing boulders (on the sandy path), southwest of Awajicho.
  • Miman # 20: On the roof with broken glass, it’s southeast of Awajicho, but to get here, go up northeast.
  • Miman # 21: Under the left side of the road on a grassy cliff, east of Awajicho Leyline.
  • Miman # 22: At the top of a large dune against a building, south of the old Miman.
  • Miman # 23: On the ground floor near the end of the road bridge, south of the road bridge.
  • Miman # 24: Near the building with the broken windows, outside a building, to get here, travel east around the dungeon from Nihonbashi Leyline.
  • Miman # 25: On the ground floor at the start of the long tunnel, southwest of Awijicho Leyline.

SMT V Shinagawa Miman Happy Miman locations
  • Miman # 26: In a corner of the building where Shin Megami Tensei V Nihonbashi Leyline is.
  • Miman # 27: Outside the tunnel on the rocky ground at the edge of a building, the northern edge of the tunnel.
  • Miman # 28: Jump onto a small roof, northwest of the tunnel.
  • Miman # 29: In a corner near a large broken slab, east of Akihabara Leyline.
  • Miman # 30: Inside a building where the pumpkin-lantern is located, start at the ley line of Akihabara and head northeast, jump off a wall and keep heading west near from the wall.
  • Miman # 31: On a roof in the center of the map, at the top of the stairs and to the right of the previous Miman.
  • Miman # 32: In a dead end on the ground floor, north-west of the old Miman.
  • Miman # 33: Near a tree with a large stone on either side, far east of Akihabara (near the Abscess).
  • Miman # 34: On a roof, climb up through the rubble to the left of Electric Town Leyline.
  • Miman # 35: At the edge of a cliff, in front of and to the left of the previous Miman.

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  • Miman # 36: At ground level near the water and climbing boulders, return from the old Miman to the bridge.
  • Miman # 37: On a roof near the windows of the building, far north of Electric Town Leyline.
  • Miman # 38: On the roof of a building near the statue of Kumbhanda, west of Electric Town Leyline.
  • Miman # 39: On the side of a building on a hill, southwest of Electric Town’s leytic line, on top of rubble.
  • Miman # 40: Near large gray rocks, south of Kanda-no-Yashiro Leyline (under the broken bridge).
  • Miman # 41: On top of the rocky hills near Okuninushi, near Kando-no-Yashiro Leyline.
  • Miman # 42: At the edge of the cliff near the broken railroad tracks, near Awajicho Leyline.
  • Miman # 43: In a dark corner, to the left of the previous Miman between a few climbing boulders.
  • Miman # 44: Behind a wall structure, just after the previous Miman.
  • Miman # 45: North side of large red and black object, southeast of Tokyo Station Ley Line.
  • Miman # 46: On top of gray rocks, southwest of Tokyo Station, behind the angels.
  • Miman # 47: Above the freeway on a white cliff (opposite the building with shattered windows on the roof), far north of the map.
  • Miman # 48: Near rock slabs on the edge of a cliff, west of Otemachi Leyline.
  • Miman # 49: Under the steel structure of a building and behind a small piece of wall, far south-east of Ochanomizu Leyline.
  • Miman # 50: In a corner on the ground floor after Ishtar, near Tokyo station.

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