Downloading FAUG games, compatible phones, upcoming features and everything you need to know

The FAUG game download link was finally released earlier this year. Among the most publicized games in India and developed by nCore Games, based in Bengaluru, FAUG / FAU-G aka Fearless and United Guards aims to fill the place left in Indian gaming by the PUBG, whose India launch continues to look grim at the moment. FAUG gameplay currently includes a one-person campaign mode that revolves around actual events that took place on the Indian borders. However, the company plans to add other modes, including online multiplayer, in the future. Check out the next FAUG game update, features, release date and how to download the FAUG game below.

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Downloading the FAUG game: how to download, compatibility and more

Upcoming FAUG game features

FAUG game download is currently only available for Android users. The system requirements for the game are quite basic. All you need is a device with an active internet connection running Android 8.0 Oreo or higher and has a minimum of 124MB of free onboard storage. However, this is the minimum storage requirement. FAUG game will naturally take more storage when you start playing it on your device. Now that we are in the know, here is how you can download the game to your phone.

How to download the FAUG game

  • On your Android device, head to the Google play store
  • Search for ‘FAUG’ or ‘FAU-G’ and select the first option that says’FAU-G: Guards without fear and united‘developed by Studio nCore Pvt Ltd
  • Now press install button to download FAUG game on your device
  • After that go to the app drawer -> launch FAUG to play the game

This is the only way to download the FAUG game on your device. The FAUG game download APK file is not yet available. While the game works on both budget and flagship Android devices, the experience is a bit different. “FAUG gaming requires resources that budget smartphones typically don’t have, and therefore the user experience may not be great on an entry-level device. “ by the game maker nCore. And no, you cannot download the game on Android Go devices.

FAUG game release date

FAUG compatible devices

The FAUG game was released in India on January 26 for millions of mobile users across the country. It was globally announcement for all Android users around the world about a week later. Since then, the game has managed to collect over 5 million downloads.

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Upcoming FAUG game features

There has not been a major update since the release of the FAUG game in India. The game is still running on its first version which is based on the Galwan Valley and involves close combat with punches, kicks and melee weapons like ‘Lalkaar’, Where ‘Tandav’.

However, the game maker nCore has promised to roll out several major updates with new features and improvements in the coming months. The company already has announced the launch of the highly anticipated FAUG multiplayer mode. The mode will be called Team Deathmatch and will be a 5v5 mode that allows up to 10 people to play against each other with guns. Online multiplayer is listed on the FAUG app, but it is not available to players at this time.

FAUG game

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In addition to this, the FAUG game will also get PUBG-style BattleRoyal mode, which will not be defined on the same map of Galwan Valley. “We will most likely look at a different card for this”, said nCORE Games COO Ganesh Hande. “But it is too early to reveal any details about this”, Hande said. Additionally, there will be a “Battle Pass,” which appears to be a type of monetization approach that gives users exclusive rewards like character skins, etc., when they reach certain levels.


How to download FAUG on iPhone

FAUG for iPhone has yet to be announced. However, if and when the game is released for the operating system, it will be available for download from the App Store.

FAUG for PC: How to play FAUG on PC

nCore has yet to release FAUG for PC. However, if you want to play FAUG on PC, there is a workaround. Download and install Android Emulators on your Windows Laptop / PC or MAC. Don’t know which one to download? Check out our list of the best Android emulators. Once the emulator is installed, go to the Play Store and follow the instructions above to download the FAUG game.

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