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Days Gone is an Open World Survival Horror Action-Adventure video game developed by SIE Bend Studio. Moreover, this horror-adventure game published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Unreal Engine 4 used for the development of this game. The game is set in post-apocalyptic Oregon after a global pandemic. However, a former Deacon St. John wanderer. seeks to survive with the help of his companion by staying in a shelter with resources like food, water, weapons and alcohol.

Android Days Gone

App version 1.0 BETA
Apk size 112 MB
Editor Sony
Supported versions Android 4.1 and above
Application package
Content Rating PG13 +

How to install Days Gone on Android

  • Go to the apk website to download Days Gone APK.
  • Open Days Gone.apk from the download folder on your Android device.
  • Allow installation of an unknown resource on your phone. However, you will get the launcher on your mobile phone and tap on it.
  • Complete the verification process and download additional data. Then play the game on your mobile.


As I said before, the game takes place in a post-apocalyptic environment and the main protagonist is Deacon St. John. The third person view of the game is that the player is navigating an open world. The player uses handguns, equipment with improvised weapons. Stealth is used to protect and defend against humans and hostile creatures.

The main player must complete his objectives using stealth mode or assault mode. The weather is dynamic like the day-night cycle mode and is also slow during the day. Fast at night with an icy thrilling environment. John’s Transport is a motorcycle, and he’s modified with several parts to improve speed and durability. As a player you have to defend yourself against threats because this is survival horror game. Take care of your vehicle as you have to go to different places, clean up bandit camps, monster lairs and kill zombies.

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Game features

The game featured a muddy and disturbed environment with zombies and firefighters, and the graphics are good and the story is interesting with the necessary action. The background music of the game is good and suitable for the environment. John’s character was well designed. Mostly, his face is angry, brooding and when it comes to his personal life. His wife divorced and claimed to be deceased.

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Days Gone PS4

Players can experience epic gameplay with additional features. They can play the game with their earned weapons, NERO boosters, skills, collectibles and more. You can play NG + on any mode like easy, normal, hard, and survival. Additionally, players can get new trophies and weapons in multiple modes.

Days Gone PC

Gamers are starting a new journey on PC. They have two challenge modes, survival mode and challenge mode. Players can play the main story and access new game content. In Survival, I, and Survival II modes, it is difficult to play because enemies are harder. Flags removed, no fast travel, and gameplay is a very tense environment. In Challenge mode, 12 different challenges are available. The player has to fight with zombies, monsters and bike races as he has to climb the leaderboard. The player can earn credits to unlock skins and bike characters.

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