Dislyte Lewis (Ares): The Complete Guide

Dislyte by Lilith Games is a role-playing mobile game with complex mechanics. It takes place in a futuristic urban mythological world which is manifested by its incredible graphics and visuals. Dislyte consists of more than fifty Espers, all belonging to a specific category. The categories range from fighters, controllers, supports, and tankers. Some Espers on Dislyte are Unas, Long Mian, Lucas, Meredith, and Lewis.

After playing the tutorial and starting levels, you can form the team consisting of five Espers. These Espers are categorized into three, four, and five stars. lewis happens to be a hell fighter Hope to 5 stars in Dislyte, being difficult to find. However, you can also promote Lewis to 6 stars using the Dislyte How To Promote Esper Star Rating guide.

Read Dislyte Wiki if you are new to this game and its complex mechanics are hard to understand.

Fighter character in Dislyte

The combat character is one of many in Dislyte. Your team is made up of different characters depending on your strategy, which will allow you to succeed in Dislyte. There are a total of 27 fighters in Dislyte; some of them are Triki, Tang Xuan, Lin Xiao and lewis.

All have their own advantages and disadvantages. Which fighter will be the most effective in your team composition depends entirely on the strategy you use in Dislyte.

When choosing a fighter in Dislyte, you should always aim to choose one from S-class or A-class. Read the Dislyte tier list to see all character classes based on Dislyte mode. However, as far as Lewis is concerned, overall he is an S-class character in Dislyte.

Lewis in Dislyte

Lewis in Dislyte

He is a phenomenal combat character and Esper DPS in Dislyte. His rarity status is Legendary, which means you’ll need to grind Dislyte for a while to keep Lewis in your team roster. Its element is Inferno and its stats are:

  • 1301: Basic ATK
  • 11946: Base HP
  • 829: Basic DEF
  • 96: Basic SPD

It focuses on single targets and delivers deadly blows. In boss fights such as Kronos, Lewis is a must to keep Esper in the team composition due to his single target attacks. Only a few players would say Lewis is out of control.

Along with his heavy hits, he receives a lot of damage buffs. It benefits from many damage increasing abilities such as C.RATE and C.damage. You can also use it in Point War. However, everything has a price, as do his damage buffs. The cost of acquiring damage increasing abilities is a portion of his health.

Lewis’ Flames of Fury gives him an attack boost that deals immense damage to opponents. It is inversely proportional to his health. This means that the more attack boost he gets, the more his health will decrease. Flames of Fury also gives him a critical buff.

Lewis Skills in Dislyte

Lewis has three skills, and all of them ensure the enemy’s health is as low as possible.

iron fish

Dislyte: Lewis Iron Fish
Iron Fish Skill

Damage dealt to enemies equals 100% ATK. 50% of damage dealt is also converted into healing. However, AP increases by 20% if a critical hit is triggered.

  • Damage increases by 105% at level 2
  • At level 3, damage increases to 115%
  • Damage increases to 130% at level 4

Flames of Fury

Dislyte: Lewis Flames of Fury
Skill Flames of Fury

Lewis damages opponents by 180% at the cost of 30% of his current health and after getting a C.RATE Up buff for two turns. If a crit is triggered, they gain a bonus round; however, the cooldown for this skill is four turns.

  • Health deduction reduced by 35% at level 2
  • Damage increases by 170% at level 3
  • Health deduction is reduced by 30% at level 4
  • Damage increases to 180% at level 5
  • Cooldown is reduced by one turn at level 6

palm of fire

Lewis: Fire palm skill
Skill Palm of Fire

This skill allows Lewis to attack an opponent three times for a total of 260% ATK and 6% damage for every 10% health spent. If you are able to kill the opponent with the attack, all ability cooldowns will be reduced by one turn. It has a cooldown of four rounds.

  • Damage increases by 240% at level 2
  • At level 3, damage increases by 250%
  • Damage increases by 260% at level 4

Captain Ability

In Sonic Miracle or Ritual Miracle challenges, the C.RATE of Espers allies is increased by 30%.

Relic sets for Lewis in Dislyte

Relics are basically accessories that can be equipped on characters to improve their abilities or stats. There are different types of relics in Dislyte, depending on their type and rarity. A higher level relic will, of course, give your character a better buff.

DPS Espers such as Lewis are damage dealers and ensure that opponents receive as much damage as possible. The stats to use for Relics that will synergize with Lewis’ skills and stats are ATK, C.DMG, and C.RATE.

  • ATK shows an Esper’s attack stat. The higher the ATK value increases, the more an Esper will deal overall damage.
  • DMG is a critical hit your Esper deals. It shows the critical hit damage multiplier. Therefore, the higher C.DMG, the more damage a critical hit will inflict.
  • RATE is the critical hit rate. Thanks to this, your Esper can cause a critical hit with certain types of damage. There is a percentage multiplier, and by this percentage the damage will increase.

On the other hand, Lewis will benefit the most from one of these relic sets:

  • Hades Set: This is a defense oriented set. It is most effective for Espers with low health and high damage. His special ability heals the Esper for 35% of the damage dealt.
  • War Machine Set: This is a more attack-focused set. It deals more damage than the Hades set, as well as a special ability to grant a 30% bonus damage to pieces, but only when all pieces are collected.

Use these sets to maximize the damage he deals while ensuring his health stays safe as well.

Early Game Relic Set

The attack set will help you get your crit rate to 100%. It is vital for Lewis to acquire skill one and skill two bonuses.

  • War Machine x4: It will give you a 30% ATK boost.
  • Fiery Incandescence Set x2: It will give you 20% more critical damage.

Full critical damage

This set of attacks deals more damage and the opponent dies faster.

  • Hammer of Thor x4: This will give 40% more C.DMG.
  • Fiery Incandescence Set x2: It will give you 20% more critical damage.

Maintain PVP

Use the set when you can get good sub stats for 70% critical and high damage.

  • Hades Set x4: Health regenerates 0.35 times per damage dealt. So let’s say you dealt 200 damage, and now your health will regenerate by 70.
  • Sword Avatara x2: This will give you a 25% chance to use a counter attack once Lewis takes damage from his opponents.

Mid to End Game Relic Set

  • Una II Main Stats: C. DMG, C. RATE
  • Una IV Main Stats: % ATK
  • Mui II Main Stats: ATK%, SPD

Advantages and disadvantages of Lewis

As mentioned earlier, all Espers have pros and cons, and Lewis is no exception. If your strategy is to play defensively, we don’t recommend Lewis. However, if you focus on the attack, it will be a loss if he is not in your squad.


  • His Fire Palm skill will do even more damage to an opponent who has lower health.
  • The Flames of Fury skill will grant another turn if it crits.
  • The Iron Fish skill will increase AP each time Lewis crits.
  • And, of course, his powerful single-target DPS is deadly.

The inconvenients

  • He lacks defense in exchange for an offense.
  • Lewis is weak against a miss chance buff.
  • He needs to kill or criticize for things to happen.

Lewis’s overall ratings

Lewis, with the Inferno element, has different ratings depending on what style of play a mode requires in Dislyte. If you’re going up against a boss, Lewis is definitely an S-tier player. He’s one of the most worthy and hard-to-find Espers.

However, as we now know, Lewis is capable of lethal damage, and after a skill buff, even more lethal but with the cost of health depletion. According to the different modes of Dislyte, the notes of Lewis are:

  • History: B
  • Cube: B
  • Apep: S
  • Chronos: S
  • Fafnir: B
  • Time Tower: A
  • War Offense P:A
  • War Defense P:A

It’s all on our side, and now you’ll be able to use Lewis more effectively so that opponents receive lethal damage making your fight easier. If you are having problems loading, consider reading Dislyte Not Loading to fix it.

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