Difference between Standard and Marching Fire editions

For honor is a historical third-person action game released by Montreal studio Ubisoft in 2017. The game features a single-player story mode and seven multiplayer modes that pit players against players. Players can play multiple For honor Heroes across five factions – the Iron Legion (Knights), the Warborn (Vikings), the Dawn Empire (Samurai), the Wu Lin (Ancient Chinese) and the recently added Outlander faction (Pirates and more to come).

Since its launch, For honor released a number of DLCs, including season passes and a single expansion, Marching Fire. In platform game stores, players can find a few editions to purchase – Starter, Standard, and Marching Fire. Although the Starter Edition only provides players with the base game of For honorstandard and marching fire Editions offer them more content. For those interested in trying out the game, there are a few key differences between the Standard Edition and the Marching Fire Edition to keep in mind.

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For Honor’s Standard Edition vs Marching Fire Edition

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The game currently offers eight game modes in total for its players to enjoy – one single-player mode and seven multiplayer modes, with another currently in beta, possibly releasing with the next-gen version of For honor. The single-player mode takes players through the game’s story and acts as an introduction to the three main factions of For honor – that of the Vikings, Knights and Samurai. It also establishes the grounds for For honorThe gameplay therefore serves as a tutorial for new players.

The standard edition of the game includes the base game as well as single-player story mode and multiplayer modes. What sets the Standard Edition apart from the Starter Edition is the availability of all nine main heroes, three of which are instantly unlocked. Other heroes can be unlocked using Steel, the in-game currency earned through playing For honor. According to the Standard Edition description on the Epic Games Store, players can expect to pay 8000 Steel for each new hero, which equates to around 8-15 hours of gameplay per hero.

On the other hand, the Marching Fire The edition includes the Marching Fire expansion of For honor, released in 2018. Along with getting the base game, the expansion comes with a total of 16 readily available heroes, including those from the Wu Lin faction. This expansion also includes Arcade mode, which is exclusive to Marching Fire Editing.

For honorArcade mode can be played solo or with another player, with the game mode pitting players against AI opponents. The objective of players is to complete a list of quests based on the rarity of gear that increase in difficulty as they progress through Arcade Mode, and the selected difficulty will impact the strength of enemy robots. The higher the difficulty level, the more enemy bots a player will have to face before claiming their prize. These quests are categorized into “Elimination”, “Survive”, and “Eliminate the Target”, each with their own modifiers and playstyles.

The price difference between the two editions of For honor is separated by a few dollars. Neither version features the heroes obtained through Season Pass DLCs, which are a completely different purchase. So, overall, the only distinction between the Standard and Marching Fire editions is the Arcade mode, as players can unlock heroes by grinding and obtaining steel. With crossplay on the horizon for For honorwhether the more expensive purchase is worth it depends on the player and whether they prefer to invest money or time in the game.

For honor is available now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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