Diablo Immortal – How to Claim the Full Game Download Reward on Mobile

Diablo Immortal is a bit bigger than your average phone game. Although it is not something that can shock you, the time taken to download the game from the App Store will shock you with its speed. Indeed, what you download from the App Store is only the beginning of Diablo Immortal, many levels and game assets need to be downloaded after the game is launched. With the time it takes, Diablo Immortal rewards players that follow the whole download process. Let’s see how you can claim the download reward once you are done downloading.

What is the reward for Diablo Immortal full download

Although the reward for fully downloading Diablo Immortal isn’t groundbreaking, it’s a nice little bonus for you at the start of the game. You’ll get 10,000 gold and 50 scrap materials once you fully download game. These rewards are great for upgrading any gear you manage to find and helping you advance through the game.

This will allow you to keep gear that you really like until you manage to join a Warband and get yourself some of that legendary loot or gear set. It’s kind of nice to get a reward for sitting around while the game fully downloads, instead of the reward being that you don’t have to wait for load times.

How to Claim Diablo Immortal Full Download Rewards

Since the rewards you get are perfect for the early game, it makes sense that you can claim them pretty early on. You will notice that the rewards are not there as soon as you start the game, but don’t worry. Just like being able to play with friends, you need to progress through the tutorial. Once you receive the world map and exit the church, you will be in the main game world.


If you open the menu, you should see a mail icon in the top right. Click or tap this icon to open your mailbox and inside you should have a message thanking you for fully downloading the game. Open the letter and inside you should find the 10,000 coins. gold and 50 salvage materials promised to you.

After claiming the rewards, you are free to delete the letter. You cannot claim this bonus on other characters, so be sure to claim it on your main character or at least one character you don’t plan to delete. Otherwise, you will lose the rewards. If you need additional help with Diablo Immortal, be sure to check out our other guides.

Diablo Immortal is available now for IOS, Android and in Open Beta on PC.

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