Destiny 2 player stays Super Active for over 4 hours

Supers usually last 1 to 30 seconds, so 4 hours is a bit longer than expected.

Using completely legitimate methods and strategies, a Destiny 2 player by the name of TheRealFrisky managed to keep his Super running for over four hours. This could very well be a record for Destiny 2’s longest Super.

Frisky took to the Destiny subreddit to share his Super Marathon. While most players generally understand the concept of trying something based purely on the thinking of “I wonder if …”, other players in the thread have asked why Frisky wanted to spend so long doing an activity. also subordinate, Frisky explained that he saw the record, “and I thought, ‘I wanna break this’ so I did it haha.” And that’s really all it takes to start something amazing.

As for how Frisky managed to do it, it’s a mixture of using the right location with optimal construction. The attempt takes place in the Shattered Throne, a Dreaming City dungeon that was released with the Forsaken DLC in 2018. Within the Shattered Throne is an area that the community has affectionately labeled Thrallway as it is a hallway that spawns infinitely many Shadow Thralls. . This means that there will always be a constant number of enemies for a player to defeat.

To make everything work, Frisky used the Code of the Aggressor tree from Sentinel Titan and the Exotic Doom Fang Pauldron Gauntlets, which extend Super duration when a shield throw hits a target. When it comes to mods, Frisky has used several Elemental Well mods that aim to energize abilities and increase time-limited perks from other areas. He then went up and down the stairs, gathering the Thrall and using the Shield Throw ability to defeat them. All elemental wells dropped from a slave would be collected to extend the duration of the super.

destiny 2 longest super world record
Doom Fangs extend the Super whenever a Shield Throw hits an enemy.

Despite being 4 hours and 23 minutes long, the attempt was supposed to last over six hours, but the chat log was a distraction for Frisky, causing him to forget to use the shield throw and pick up the wells.

It’s likely that this attempt was only possible on the Sentinel Titan, as other Roaming Supers have diminishing returns on eliminations. Even Dawnblade’s lower tree, with its inherent Super Expansion ability, ultimately returns virtually no Super Energy when defeated. Additionally, with the impending upheaval in Destiny 2’s ability economy, this could be a long-standing record for some time.

Regarding Destiny 2 and players saying “I wonder if …”, one player wondered what would happen if they relaxed with Xur during the time the weekend vendor had to leave. What started as a curious thought turned into a multi-day community effort to hold Xur hostage so players could purchase a divine roller weapon.

Destiny has a long history of players achieving extremely time-consuming feats for their own amusement. From leveling up using just the tutorial mission to the game’s raiding solo, there is a lot of creativity in the community. At Shacknews, we love Destiny 2 and can’t wait to see what the Guardians think about the sequel.

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