Demon Beast Canyon Abyssal Dungeon Raid Guide

Demonic Beast Canyon is the first abyssal dungeon in which the massive onslaught of players will attack lost ark, and it’s a pretty simple introduction to the system. Players need to be at item level 340 to enter, at least, and rewards from that can be turned into epic rarity armor and weapons for Tier 1 gear.

Like most Abyssal Dungeons, Demon Beast Canyon is a modified version of one of the main story quest dungeons, with more bosses, mechanics, clues to specific lore, and a few cleanup sections. additional crowd spread. Here’s a look at what exactly this dungeon entails and how newer it is lost ark late game players can get by.


Short and Sweet Quick Guide

Lost Ark - Queuing for Demon Beast Canyon

This guide will go deeper into each section of the Abyssal Dungeon; however, some players will already understand most of this. For those players, here’s a super-quick guide and refresher on important things to remember about this dungeon while grinding for weekly gold or potential map packs.

  • The dungeon has three sections: a linear mob clear, the Corrupter Vazuela fight, another longer mob clear, and then Vile Sarkrill.
  • For both bosses, avoid red, focus on DPS.
  • Corrupted Vazuela can be countered by its spinning attack. The player with the crosshair icon above them must run to the outer edge of the arena until a pool of blood appears below them.
  • Vile Sarkrill enters stealth mode between one and two minutes into his fight. Players can ignore this mechanic altogether or have Sarkrill teleport to orbs around the arena to smash them and end this mechanic.
  • No consumables are really essential for this dungeon from HP Potions.

For those who think they need a little more in-depth explanation of the two bosses, or are forced to basically run the dungeon solo due to the entry of bots, keep reading below.

First section: cross the bridge

Lost Ark - Demon Beast Canyon Dragon Cutscene

The Abyssal Dungeon begins with players bumping into Garum, the winged terror. This section is pretty basic and is almost entirely identical to the story quest version. Just follow the bridge and take out the corrupted corpses climbing up the sides.

The mob clearing sections of the Abyssal Dungeons are nice little palette cleansers, but when players try to dash through their weeklies, they’re not exactly something to like in the game. in the open courtyard near the bottom of the map, the fight against Corrupted Vazuela begins.

Second section: Corrupted Vazuela

Lost Ark - Fight corrupted Vazuela in the Demon Beast Canyon

This big drop of blood and meat is Corrupted Vazuela, the first “bosses” players will encounter in an Abyssal Dungeon. As far as mechanics go, Corrupted Vazuela is about as basic as it gets. Dodge red, dodge anything on the ground that looks like an environmental hazard, and temporarily retain meter skills when the boss glows blue. The only real “mechanic” Vazuela uses is to generate a moderately damaging pool of blood under the player with the cross icon above their heads. Whichever party member gets this icon, they must run away from combat until the pool of blood appears to prevent it from damaging allies, then they can return to fight the boss.

If someone hasn’t done this yet, make sure to turn off all friendly particle effects in the display settings, except for buff effects of course. Failure to do so makes Abyssal Dungeons twice as difficult, as it’s much harder to see enemy telegraphs through the myriad of other UI elements already in the way.

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As for Vazuela’s other attacks, here they are all:

Attack name The description
To glide Standard swipe attack that almost all bosses in lost ark a, minimal damage and primarily intended to interrupt a player’s combo.
Rollover costs Countermeasure. Corrupted Vazuela begins building a Sonic the Hedgehog-like spin-dash before rolling forward and knocking players back.
snapping jump Vazuela’s most damaging move. The boss jumps up and out of the screen before landing a red telegraph on a player and landing on it. Then a second shock wave exits the slam in a larger ring around the first impact. Players can dodge the first slam, then move closer to the boss to dodge the secondary shockwave.
blood blast This attack has the longest liquidation. Corrupted Vazuela couldit’s a gigantic red telegraph on the ground and charges energy as the Telegraph slowly fills up. When filled, Vazuela releases an explosive shockwave of blood around her, dealing high damage and knocking players back.

Section Three: Defeat Necromancers and Enemies Blocking the Path

Lost Ark - Kill and interrupt Necromancer rituals in Demon Beast Canyon

The longest section of this dungeon involves following the quest markers, clearing all necromancers and corpses in three different areas before queuing up to get into the Vile Sarkrill fight.

AoE skills work best for quickly traversing this section. Players can dive headfirst into the Necromancer’s Ritual Circle and use their AoEs to eliminate both Necromancers and corpses spawning in those circles.

Final Section: Vile Sarkrill

Lost Ark - Fight Vile Sarkrill as the final boss of Demon Beast Canyon

Like corrupted Vazuela, Vile Scarkrill is pretty basic (especially compared to other Raids or even the recently introduced Argos Abyssal Raid). It shouldn’t take players longer than two to three minutes to battle, even at the lowest recommended item level. He’s definitely more agile than Corrupted Vazuela and more annoying to hunt, but the most annoying thing about this boss is what happens if a specific ally chooses not to skip the ending cutscene after having him defeated.

Instead of circular AoEs, Sarkrill has lots of conical telegraphs that are fairly simple to dodge. It also has one main mechanic: stealth mode, which most games either never see or ignore entirely.

stealth mode

About two minutes into the fight, Sarkrill enters Stealth mode. In stealth mode, he takes reduced damage and limits his moveset to a basic teleport and spin attack. Meanwhile, a red orb appears at each cardinal direction of the arena.

The intent here is for players to stand next to these orbs. Sarkrill will teleport to them and use his spin attack, with which he will destroy the orbs. For each orb destroyed, Sarkrill is briefly staggered. Do this with each of the four orbs, and Vile Sarkrill should return to normal.

If players find themselves taking a lot of damage during this phase, note that once Sarkrill teleports, he will still do the spin attack. Players can dash after teleporting to avoid taking damage, while smashing orbs.

Regular attacks

Because this is the first Abyssal Dungeon, most players will defeat Sarkrill before seeing many of his moves. But just in case, here’s what to look for.

Attack name The description
orb shotgun Vile Sarkrill summons five red orbs directly in front of him before firing them in a shotgun-like pattern. It does little damage and causes a bit of lag.
Teleport and Rotate This combo is the most viewed. Sarkrill teleports, quickly gliding past itself, then performing a 360 degree attack.
Hook and Chain Sarkrill throws a hook on a chain directly at a player, causing knockback and some damage. It’s easy to dodge up close, but harder to dodge from a distance.
frontal shock wave Vile Sarkrill lays a large conical telegraph on the slowly filling floor. When filled, the boss unleashes a large red shockwave that deals medium damage and knocks back. It’s easy to avoid, and players can inflict a lot of DPS when attacking.
Red energy cones Sarkrill begins sucking red energy from each side, dealing low DPS to anyone standing inside the attack. This is a super attack to avoid and inflict a lot of DPS.
landmines The boss randomly summons red circles on the ground that explode when their telegraph is filled. Deals moderate damage.

Lost Ark - Whirlwind Grenades and HP Potions overlaid on image of running through Demon Beast Canyon

For almost all other Abyssal Dungeons in lost arkplayers should bring some Battle Items (like Whirlwind Grenades or Time Stopping Potions) and use Engravings (like Grudge or Cursed Doll). But because Ancient Elveria is essentially the Abyssal Dungeon tutorial, none of these are really recommended. Players simply need to bring:

lost ark was released on December 4, 2019 and is available on PC.

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