Bullets Per Minute just got a custom music update

Released in 2020, BPM: balls per minute offered quite a novel about the first-person shooter genre. In a somewhat similar vein to Crypt of the Necrodancer, it challenged players to time their shots, reloads, and other actions to the beat of background music. Incorporating rhythm mechanics into any genre is almost always a cool concept. BPM: balls per minute seems to execute this concept quite well judging by the “very positive” Steam reviews. That said, fans generally agreed that having a custom music option would make BPM: balls per minute even better. Luckily, in a recent update, developer Awe Interactive addressed fan wishes directly.

With this update, players can now forgo the game’s default soundtrack and battle to whatever song they want, at least on paper. The developers have noted a few issues players may experience while using this feature. For example, using MP3 files may cause the game timer to missync with background music. The developers therefore recommend using WAV files instead.

What else should we be aware of?

Additionally, players should ideally avoid pausing and resuming pause when using custom music, as this will cause the track to restart. The developers also recommend using songs between 70 and 90 beats per minute for best results, although the game can accommodate songs between 60 and 120 bpm. To learn more, players can check out this recent steam news updateas well as the developers’ official custom music tutorial below.

For some, it might seem a bit difficult to get this new custom music feature working, but fans of BPM: balls per minute I still have to test it and see what it looks like. As long as players follow the developers’ recommendations and instructions, there shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

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